Monday, August 22, 2016

If the State of the Fox News Republican Party Is a Civilization-Threatening, First Order Disaster...

...then what is your obligation as a journalist?

As a voter?

As a citizen?

As a human being?


trgahan said...

Godwin Law response to Taibbi et al. is "The Weimar Republic wasn't perfect either but...."

Neither was the Spanish Republic in 1920's or Chilean government in the 1970's, but concern trolling the opposition to Hitler, Franco, or Pinochet doesn't look so noble these days does it?

bowtiejack said...

Uh, will anyone's answer affect their take-home pay? Asking for a friend.

RUKidding said...

... then what is your obligation as an alleged "journalist"???

Uh, to figure out a way to bait for clicks and make all the monies?

What's my prize?

Responsibility as a US citizen? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha... see Answer, above.

Ditto for voter & human bean. Ain't that totes obvs?

Potomacker said...

Yes, and in this scenario American soldiers are just there because they are. There's no need for the mission or justification to be in harm's way. That's certainly a question that can never be allowed to be addressed ordinary citizens, voters, journalists, not even the soldiers themselves since the draft is no longer in play.

Robt said...

...then what is your obligation as a journalist?

Is this the same question Roger Ailes throated in his FOX interviews?

Mr.Shemp said...

Wow, we don't see conversations like this on the teevee AT ALL today. Are they even possible? Would the public even know what they're watching?

Len Boatman said...

Mike Wallace was interviewing Aldous Huxley right before Huxley died and and Wallace asked him: WALLACE: Mr. Huxley, let me ask you this, quite seriously, is freedom necessary?

HUXLEY: As far as I am concerned it is.

WALLACE: Why? Is it necessary for a productive society?

HUXLEY: Yes, I should say it is. I mean, a genuinely productive society. I mean you could produce plenty of goods without much freedom, but I think the whole sort of creative life of man is ultimately impossible without a considerable measure of individual freedom, of initiative, creation, all these things which we value, and I think value properly, are impossible without a large measure of freedom.

The transcript does not really give justice to Huxley's expression of incredulity at the question. 30 minutes, fascinating: