Monday, August 08, 2016

Andrea Tantaros Sez Getting What They Want Makes Women Miserable

Which means, by the contrapositive rule, Roger Ailes' unwanted sexual advances must have made her very happy.

And being fired for complaining about* those unwanted sexual advances must have made her ecstatic.

Except she doesn't seem to be happy at all.

So confusing!

From New York Magazine:
Fox News Host Andrea Tantaros Says She Was Taken Off the Air After Making Sexual-Harassment Claims Against Roger Ailes

Fox News’ senior executives have said they were unaware of sexual-harassment allegations against Roger Ailes before former anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against him in July. But those claims are now being challenged by Fox host Andrea Tantaros, who says that she complained multiple times to senior Fox executives in 2015 about Ailes’s inappropriate sexual behavior toward her. Tantaros says that, after she came forward, she was first demoted and eventually taken off the air in April 2016. Fox continues to pay her.

Through her lawyer, Judd Burstein, Tantaros says that both she and her agent told Fox executive vice-president Bill Shine, senior vice-president Suzanne Scott, and general counsel Dianne Brandi about episodes of Ailes’s alleged harassment. “She made multiple harassment and hostile-workplace complaints,” Burstein says. As far as Tantaros knows, Fox executives never investigated her complaints, Burstein says; instead, they claim, Fox sidelined her. “I believe it’s retaliatory,” says Burstein.
Here is a small sample of the invaluable contributions Ms. Tantaros' made to the profession of journalism during her time at Fox.  From Crooks &Liars:

Andrea Tantaros Mocks Obama For Tears Over Gun Deaths: 'Check That Podium For A Raw Onion' 

*snuggle accomplished!


bowtiejack said...

Ah, truly the mole people.
The president cries for dead kindergartners, but not about ISIS who could even now be applying for tourist visas to fly to America and shoot you?
The man is a monster.
And is not our freedom and the defense of this great nation worth letting Roger Ailes cop a feel once in a while?
Even the Founding Fathers used to go looking for action down in the slave quarters.
What's happened to this country!

dinthebeast said...

She must know different women than I do.

-Doug in Oakland

LasvegasJessica said...

You know you've hit the nadir of the dead sea when you are too trashy for Fox 'News' As a woman, that's always my biggest concern, when things are just going too well. What a skunttt. Yuck.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Well, first of all, if she got tied up better, she might be more satisfied. Also, if she was properly gagged, the rest of us might be better satisfied as well.

But basically, Andrea; you knew the pit of vipers you were laying down with, for the meager results of money and fame. You saw the other women in the place subjected to demeaning orders, sexist commands for hair, makeup, dress and especially heels. FOR GAWD'S SAKE GIRL, YOU HAD TO HAVE SEEN GRETCHEN CARLSON FORCED TO OFFER PANTY GLIMPSES ON THAT STUPID YELLOW COUCH. You still took the contract

None of that makes it right; but darling, your constant spouting of insane wing nut conspiracies makes me feel sadly considerate of your experiences. Remember all the things us liberals told you? Every one you discovered to be true?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I so much want to point and yell "WE TOLD YOU SO!!" when wing nuts find out that they are the next ones on the chopping block. But I find that really hard when it is the women who are being presented by the right wing news, and they bobble-head the stupid talking points. The worst was when they made Megan kelly walk down to the computer levels in 2012 to try and figure out if Rove was right or just having another episode; and they spent the entire walk following her butt and heels.

James Burrus said...

I will gladly contribute another $20 if Driftglass will hire a copy editor. Hell, I'll even donate my time to the cause. But gaping holes in sentences that languish, uncorrected, are annoying and blunt the impact of otherwise sharp observations. Just re-reading what you've written would catch things like this:
"And being fired for complaining those unwanted sexual advances must have made her ecstatic."
Yes, it needs an "about" snuggled in there after "complaining." And being it's the internet, there's no reason it can't be corrected. Thanks.

Dave McCarthy said...

Megan McCain's phrase jumped out at me: " It just didn't seem horribly authentic..."

These ghouls all seem horribly SOMETHING, but authentic ain't it...

Fritz Strand said...

When you work for the minions of Mr. Banality of Evil, Rupert Murdoch, you might want to read that slogan over the door about giving up hope before entering into a contract.

There might indeed be some blow back when your job is to poison your culture.

RUKidding said...

"Tantaros says that, after she came forward, she was first demoted and eventually taken off the air in April 2016. Fox continues to pay her."

Wait, what? So massively "feminist" Tantaros lodges complaints against Jabba the Ailes' unwanted sexual advances, and the only thing that happens is that Tantaros is demoted and then kicked to the curb. But Fox continues to pay her?

Does that make her a lousy lazy Mercedes welfare queen or something? Having her hand out and expecting something for nothing? Lazy and getting paid not to work? Why how nice for Tantaros.

I thought the Donald proclaimed his Edict from on High: if some little wimminz believes she's been sexually harrassed on the job? Why here's the solution: QUIT and get another jawb, ya lousy complaining fugly bitch.

Why isn't Tantaros following the Edict of her Overlord Trump? Slacker. Loser. Weak. Sad.

Funny how, when push comes to shove, all these rightwingers want so-called "leftwing" solutions when the shit hit their personal fan. Otherwise, they're snarling at everyone else to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and stop expecting help for anything, no matter what the circumstances. Typical. Yet another day that ends in "y."

Fiddlin Bill said...

Mr. Burrus can send Drifty some dough if he likes. I think there's a po box or something. Otherwise, his fastidiousness is obnoxious and entirely self-aggrandizing, and he should stay where he likely is, teaching 8th Grade English to jocks at Podunk Junior High.

James Burrus said...

Mr. Bill, that really hurt. I think I need to get me some chai and have a sad over your mean comments. Gosh, I wish I was as witty as you. Then I, too, could command the respect and adoration of a thoughtful blogisphere. :(

Robt said...

Not quite sure how the Tantaries of the world differ from the Roger Ailes of the world?

Exploitation forged in the fires of hell and bonded together.

As the Donald has been quoted, "how she (a female) would look down on her knees".

Andrea smells personal gain with no consideration of her undermining future female real journalistic talent.Reading Atlas Shrugged and becoming one of the slobs of the book in real life must confuse her somewhat.

squatlo said...

Any woman who would take an on-air position at Fox News would have to know their "talents" would be exploited by management. Being paid to flaunt your gams for the lurid amusement of crusty old curmudgeons across red state America isn't much different than being paid to blow the boss (at least not in the eyes of Jabba the Hut Ailes...)

But let's forget for a moment that she signed up with this misogynistic network for her lucre, and go directly to what she officially provided for her ample cash salary: she repeatedly jumped the shark with ludicrous conspiracy theories, made snide remarks in poor taste at the worst possible moments, and did her best to be more offensive and repugnant that Ann Coulter whenever she got face time on camera.

I'm sorry she was sexually harassed at work. But I'm not sorry her hateful ass is no longer (accidentally) popping up in front of me when I stumble across Faux News while channel surfing.

She's a genuinely horrible person, and it's hard to feel a lot of empathy for her.