Saturday, July 30, 2016

Today In Both Sides Do It: Carlos Danger

For the Beltway's paid pundit class, the biggest political tent in America is not the Democratic Party.

Our biggest tent is the Big Lie of Both Siderism.

It can apparently seat an infinite number of cowards, unrepentant con men, mercenary social climbers and other assorted assholes all off whom are in a constant scramble to find any available toe-hold to advance their fortunes.

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bowtiejack said...

I saw the movie "Weiner", which I thought was very well done and showed more nuance dealing with the whole story of Weiner's cockup, than say the NY Post's coverage.
That said, watching this, I think one is driven to the conclusion the guy just can't stop stepping on his own dick.
Although obviously different, he and Trump share similar traits of self-destructive hubris.