Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Putin On The Ritz

Neutron Don and the Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver (h/t Brother Pierce) prepare for their big duet:
House GOP warns Ryan to back Trump

By Manu Raju, Deirdre Walsh and Tom LoBianco, CNN
Updated 6:11 PM ET, Wed May 11, 2016

Washington (CNN)  Rank-and-file House Republicans are urging Speaker Paul Ryan to get behind presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, warning his resistance could lead to the party fracturing rather than uniting if he withholds his endorsement.

"It makes it harder to unite," said Rep. Raul Labrador, an Idaho Republican and leader within the conservative House Freedom Caucus. Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei was incredulous about the speaker's high profile break with Trump last week, saying, "Ryan goes out on CNN and says it's Donald Trump's duty to unite the party," asking, "So Mr. Speaker, what's your job regarding unity?"...
It should be Oopah Doopah!


Rob said...

What a shock... over country every time, without fail.

This whole spectacle would be entertaining if the consequences were not so dire.

dinthebeast said...

The two of them together may create some critical state of fraudulence which collapses in upon itself creating a bubble so dense that no truth or reality can escape... Oh wait, never mind.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Ly'in Ryan is making a deal. He wants the speaker gig but only wants to work 3 days a week for 130 days of the year. max. Donald needs to understand his work (leisure) schedule.
I heard Trump has mentioned Newt Gingrich for his VP.. That has got to irritate Ryan to now end. Remember, Rayn probably voted to remove the Newt in the day.

So sing along,
In the party, the wild GOP party, the Lying Trump Tweets tonite.

A weena wep aweena wep.............

trgahan said...

For a party that fetishizes the bullshit concept of "Founders Intent (when convenient)" they have changed what the Speaker of the House is supposed to be from head of a legislative body to a defacto Republican President.

Seems it is now where Republican public careers go to die, therefore guys like Ryan have only a year or two to ensure a profitable future (think tanks, K street lobbyist, Fox News, etc.) before being cast down by their own party because brown people can still legally tell conservative white males what they think of him in states like Idaho and Nevada.

Unknown said...

I don't understand why the GOP elected functionaries are balking at supporting Trump - he had the most votes of any of the candidates. He is the choice of the GOP voters. Overwhelmingly; something like 1-1/2 times the combined votes of EVERY other candidate (15 mil for Trump and 10 mil for everyone else).

He is their choice. Why would any of the GOP officials object? He is who they want. The voters want this. The party has gone on record as stating that the government should listen to the people - they even went on "Listening Tour" when the ACA was coming in, and all of the Tea Party yokels came out to yell at them about government and health care and death panels.

Donald Trump is the choice of the GOP voters. Why is there ANY debate about the GOP supporting him?

It's almost like the GOP elite don't respect the wishes of their voters. Maybe the GOP elite were only USING their voters to get power to benefit their corporate overlords.

Nah, they would never be so duplicitous. It has to be just a misunderstanding; Trump will be fully supported by the GOP machine pretty soon.After all, he is them. The votes prove it.

RUKidding said...

Raul Labrador (Tea Party ID)is one of those back-stabbing Latinos, who pushes for super strong immigration laws (now that his family made it in, he pulls up the ladder and slams the door), and all the other usual Tea Party purist junk. So Labrador leads the charge of pushing the Granny Starver to clump with Trump... OR ELSE!!1!

Whilst next door in CA, we're seeing record numbers of Latino/Hispanic voter registration with a huge push to ensure that Trump never gets in office.

Always interesting to watch these self-loathing, but arrogantly selfish, types scuttle around trying to grift as much as they can for themselves. Ye olde kiss up, kick down in action. Another Token in the Tea Party. Go Raul.

Any bets on how long it'll take before Ryan drops to his knees and kisses Trump's heiney?

James Almos said...

Is anyone else having an inordinate amount of fun with a guy named Labrador telling people to leash up and get in line behind his master?

Robt said...

Unknown said,
"Donald Trump is the choice of the GOP voters. Why is there ANY debate about the GOP supporting him?"

Consider the nature of the conservative. They have to hate something or someone to be motivated. Then it becomes the pure-anical Crusade.
As most realize Trump has a flare with media. Mainly corporate media. Now the Am dial.

All the hoopla over "never Trump" the 3rd party run (way too late(. The Speaker Ryan and Trump cage match.

It leaves only enough oxygen in the media for only Trump to inhale............

Trump has taco salad because he so loves the latinos and they so admire the Donald.

WAs long as that misdirecting entertainment tonite is shoveled at the masses.
We are left with absolutely zero information to make a educated decision to vote.

Will Trump address the illegal excesses of Wall Street? How? to what extent, if at all?
Does Trump feel he is required to use legal Constitutional basis for any Executive orders? I know his base do not think so. Think a republican Congress will allow his flagrant lapses from Constitutional law to force their will> I expect it.

Trump projects he will be GW Bush on steroids in my opinion.
Think the media could question Trump on how he believes Government should be ran like a corporation? Where in the Constitution does it provide that direction?

How about, asking Trump if he understands when he went bankrupt. The Government covered his failures. As president if he bankrupts the government, does God cover the bankruptcy of America to bail it out?

How about,
Mr Trump. If you so love the military and the veterans. Why do you short change supporting them by hiding, cheating, shielding your fair share of taxes for supporting them. Forcing everyone else's taxes to rise to support them? have you shunned the burden and responsibility of financial support onto others while promoting their expanded use?

Would a Trump Adm prosecute war profiteers? What does president Trump picture is War Profiteering?

But we get "NEWS" of Trump Tweets the words "Crooked Hillary".
Now with that information, go out and decide as a voter.............!

Ron said...

Labrador is a Puerto Rican, so he's always been in. He made is living as an immigration lawyer before joining the Tea Party.

Ed Cooper said...

All great questions. Would that I live long enough to see them answered, or at least asked.