Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Trumpshirts Explain to Party Leaders How Things Will Be

(Not Safe For Work)

Welcome to Beautiful Cleveland:  City of Progress and Prosperity and future graveyard of the Party of Lincoln.


Dave McCarthy said...

I'm buying a ticket for places unknown
It's only a one way, I'm not coming home
She's swallowed my secret and taken my name
To follow my footsteps and knobble me lame
-Keith Reid

keith gargus said...

There will be blood. Figuratively or otherwise. But the Donald is not walking away from this one without taking down the house, whether he gets the nod or not. I'm betting not.

bowtiejack said...

I've been very disappointed that the Cleveland Götterdämmerung will not be open carry.
However, I'm sure that we can count on the Trumpsters to defend the interpretation the Constitution which teaches us that effective exercise of your free speech rights must involve gunfire.

dinthebeast said...

Has anyone asked Cleveland what they think of the idea of the POL being buried there? From what I hear, they're not too thrilled about it.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Splended analogy video.

I had considered the scene of an Al Capone board meeting introducing the team player concept with the baseball bat.
Even the finale episode of the Walking Dead where Negan captures Rick and crew and announces his new rules and policies with a bat.

But why won't the Freedom 2nd Amenders stand up and demand their right to bear Arms at the officially announced "Gun Free Zone" . The convention arena? Where are all the gun enthusiasts? The Oath Keepers. We know where the Bundy gang is?
Will that Nevada Fiora oakley Annie go this this unarmed after all she does to promote Guns and breasts for America?
Let's face it, by their view the convention will be dangerous a. Because it is a republican designated Gun Free Zone.
And they tell us that only criminals will have guns in these areas.
The only problem might be is that the criminals are them.

I still say, Gov. John Kasich to the rescue with big Government calling out the National Guard equates into a nomination.
Because as Ohio John says, All the polls say that he can beat the Hillary or the Sanders. If Gov. 15% percent of the vote says so. It must be. Besides, Tweety is loving him some Gov. John.

What I take out of this media rack sack is that They want us all to be entertained and oblivious to the actual point of voting for a president and ignoring all else.
I am not amuse nor deterred from evaluating the candidates for the purpose of providing my vote.

That is if the republican freedom party allows me to cast a vote.

Unknown said...

Unrelated to this post, but wanted to flag for our fearless host.

Krugman has a post about monetarism on his blog, and it uses a humorous picture of Paul Ryan embracing Ayn Rand with a goofy shit eating grin on his face.

Was that picture a driftglass original? I could swear I've seen it here.

RUKidding said...

Eh? It remains to be seen whether this how the Trumpshirts behave to the PTB, or if this how the PTB are providing a teachable moment to the Trumpshirts. From where I sit in the far reaches of the peanut gallery, looks more like the latter to me.

Gun Free Zone, full court press to take down Trump, various skirmishes to come up with "reasons" for a brokered convention, positing possible names of savior candidates, even Ryan's alleged "just say no" speechifying yesterday still smelt like he was positioning himself for a POTUS run.

Only time will tell who's nobbling whom.

Paul Wartenberg said...

For all the worst case scenarios floating around out there, the most likely one - Trump barely misses the cutoff line, and loses in second ballot to Cruz - will cause the least amount of damage to the GOP organizational structure, although it would clearly be a losing situation for November.

Angered by the "rigged" process - the argument for which he's laying the groundwork now - Trump will have justification for running on an independent platform. It won't be enough to win the popular vote (which he'll probably get around 24-28 percent), but it will be enough to negate the remnant of the GOP for Cruz (who'll likely get no more than 20 percent in this setting). As long as Hillary/Bernie gets over 50 percent nationwide, it will be a good sign that most of the Obama Blue states are sticking with her and a solid number of Romney Red states have split themselves FAVORING her as a Winner-Take-All while Trump and Cruz carve each other out of their wins.

This gets to be a win-win for Trump, who'll get to crow he did better than Cruz in the national and claim he was "robbed" of the White House while avoiding the actual workload that being a President can be.

What becomes the key issue is if Trump gets vindictive against the GOP and tells his supporters to NOT vote any down-ticket Republicans. That WILL cost Republicans control of the Senate (as long as the Democrats are challenging each state, dammit) and may shake their control of the House.

bluicebank said...

Y'all ain't looking at the bright side of a gun-free GOP Convention.

Do you know how long gunfights last? Not long. Hardly worth a bag of popcorn.

Do you know how long mass fistfights last in a crowded arena? A long time, and they tend to spill out into the streets.

So cheer up fellows. The Secret Service did us all a big favor by declaring that they're the only ones who get to shoot into the crowd.

Mister Roboto said...

I have to admit that I am very curious what our national political landscape will look like on the morning of Monday, August 1st. (Both parties are having their national conventions in late July, almost back-to-back, this year.)

Robt said...

I have just came up with the perfect nominee at the GOP convention. If I wer
Ex Speaker Dennis Hastert..............................

Founding Father of the Hastert Rule.

Hastert rose to saviour prominence after Newt couldn't stand on his own for the weight of his corruption. Newt also led Bill Clinton;s impeachment for having consensual sex out of wedlock between two consenting adults.
Exactly what Newt was doing at the same time.

Newt stepped down to aviod accountability. If I recall correctly, Livingstone was chose to replace Newt as Speaker. But he had an OOps with out of wedlock sex at the same time. They looked around and found Dennis Hastert sleeping in his Office and crowned him Speaker.

If you have read your news papers lately, Hastert has made a big splash. Lyng to the Feds of large amounts of cash, Lied that he was being blackmailed . When in fact he was paying hush money for molesting at least 4 children as a school coach before becoming a Congress critter.

This self admitted child molester may not even have to serve 6 months in jail. You know, because the humility he has had to endure.
I mean Hastert the child molester was place 2nd in line to the presidency by the republicans.

So you see, he would be the best choice to put on the ballot at the GOP convention. Do I have to make up polls that show a hastert/ Cheney ticket will beat Hillary?

I think Hastert is the one gop'er the religious right and the White Supremacists could rally and get behind. (literally).

REpublicans United for freedom. hatert knows freedom and never knew prison.
hastert for president, Come on. Doesn't it get you excited enough to go stand in line for 9 hours to vote for him?