Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The End Of The World As He Knows It

But I feel fine.

As I write this. David Brooks' Republican party establishment is being crushed.

What elevates it to high comedy is the fact that David Brooks' Republican Party is being crushed by their own gravy train -- a hate-belching engine careening down the tracks that David Brooks' Republican Party spent the last 40 years laying down and then lashing themselves to.

And as their own gravy train mashes them to aspic, all David Brooks' party establishment can say over and over again is, "Oh my God!  Where the devil did that train come from?  And who tied these deucedly intricate knots!"

Republican Detachment Disorder plague vector, Joe Scarborough, who now gets paid to share his idiocy in the Washington Post:
Trump crushes Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party

Bible-toting Sen. Ted Cruz should have won Mississippi. Ohio Gov. John Kasich should have won nearby Michigan. Sen. Marco Rubio should have finished as a runner-up somewhere, anywhere.

Instead, Rubio and rest of the GOP field were left watching in horror as Trump crushed all comers at the polls and then used his victory speech to hawk steaks, wine and the most fabulous magazines you will ever read.

So long to Morning in America. Say hello to Tuesday Nights at QVC.

Trump’s big wins in Michigan and Mississippi were not the worst news of the night for the GOP ruling class. Instead, that dubious distinction was saved for the complete collapse of Rubio’s campaign one week before Florida’s crucial primary. For Republican leaders, Rubio’s timing could not have been worse.

Florida’s winner-take-all primary was rigged by the establishment...
Oh that terrible GOP establishment...waaaay over there.
Such a pity that they're so awful!
Such a shame that they're such fools!

A decade ago I correctly predicted that:
In five years, having voted for Bush will have become the parachute pants of this decade.  
It will become the “Oh my GOD. What the fuck was I thinking?” shameful secret people will occasionally and elliptically allude to by piping up with, “well, he did good after 9/11”...
And now, ten years later, the rolling fascist dumpster fire that is the Republican party has reached the point where any affiliation with it's leadership caste whatsoever is being denied by virtually every member of the leadership caste of the Party of Personal Responsibility faster and more fervently than Peter denied Christ.  


Redshift said...

Bwahahahaha! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that people who fluffed the idea that Rubio's third place finishes were amazing victories would be able to say with a straight face that Rubio's campaign *just now* collapsed, but it's still hilarious.

John Taylor said...

Morning Joke finally acknowledges that Republican economics are terrible. Trickle Down only trickles up and the Base is finally seeing the truth. The party is only interesting in enriching the elite not them.

DrBB said...

Too bad Florida isn't a "whiner-take-all" primary. Then the establishment would be all set.

Anonymous said...

CNN's Zakaria finally compared Muslim moderates failure to denounce Islamic extremism on with the GOP's failure to denounce the extremists in its own organization. Ouch that's gotta hurt. But then extremism in the GOP is a feature noy something to denounce.

Unknown said...

1) Your shoop - Brooksie and a noose? Dude, that's not fair. You're a horrible tease....get us all excited n' stuff....
2) Rubio 'suddenly' tanking - what did I tell ya about Mr. Honeymoon Hall and his hatchet-chin Ailes? When they decided he's over, he's over.

RUKidding said...

Much as I dislike Trump, I had a good laugh at him hawking his wares at his victory speech at one of his golf resorts! I have to give Trump some sort of credit for his "flair" or something. It perfectly encapsulates all that is wrong about today's GOP.

But I might as well get some sort of enjoyment out of this spectacle. Watching Trump tweak the balls of his fellow (they're mostly, if not all, male) rightwing Oligarchs is delicious, indeed. I don't recommend the steaks 'n wine however from the Trump empire, but that's just me.

If the rightwing azzholes, who've been paid handsomely as courtiers to engage in fooling the mob to vote against their own interests, are now *admitting* how far they've come to inciting fascist mobs... well, all I can say is: 'bout fecking time. Sheesh. But may be a case of: too little, too late.

Mister Roboto said...

So long to Morning in America. Say hello to Tuesday Nights at QVC.

Actually, as a tagline, that ain't half bad. Trump really is the ultimate Internet troll gone "RL"!

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Laugh it up, fuzzballs, but have you thought about the possibility that Da Trumpfoddah might win in November?

Robt said...

Stop the press,
When will Brooks report on Michael Savages breaking news of Obama ordering the CIA to assassinate Justice Scalia?

When will the real media, like Brooks Address this and why are the rupublicans such puuies avout it?
The conservatives in Congress won't impeach Obama for murder, Thy won't they you ask.
--Because the conservatives are coddling Muslim terrorists that are killing Catholic Supreme Court Justices. That's why.
David Brooks, Where are you when your conservative country needs you?

trgahan said...

I've learned two new things about Republicans this primary season:

1) There is a Republican Establishment. It is responsible for anything that goes wrong and it is made up of absolutely NO ONE.

2) Republican candidates win primaries by some magical undetermined process and not by actual Republicans casting actual votes.

A funny change in the electoral process since between 2000-2006 all Scarborough, Brooks, et al. could go on about was Republican and "undecided/independent" voters spring boarding the party into a generation long super majority.

Neo Tuxedo said...

I've thought about it, Bill, and the prospect makes me recite Dorothy Parker's poem "Resume" under my breath, and sometimes under other people's breath. When, that is, it's not making me pray to Haruhi-sama and Madoka-sama and the Sankt Kaiser to avert the omen.

Phil said...

I like to think of republican voters as an abused dog that has gotten off its leash and now its owner, aka the establishment, can't control it.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

I guess Tux means this Madoka. ^_^

"What's that, Mr. Galactus? You've lost your appetite?"

"I thought you might."

bowtiejack said...

You know under the Third Reich a lot of people had very good jobs (and snappy uniforms!) until they didn't. Things go on until they don't.

Robt said...

3 Corinthians walk into a bar.

or three Reich out camping.

The GOP voters are slowly solidifying to plug the toilet with Trump or Cruz.

I Tend to think they are getting more bolder with their racism, religious prejudices. Is it becoming more acceptable in GOP circles? They do seem to be comfortable wearing it.

People like Brooks have made a living at making rationale for Ugly truths. Enabling the worst of his beloved party.

Mister Roboto said...

@Phil: The best "in a nutshell" summary I have read so far in these comments. I would not dismiss the possibility out-of-hand of Trump winning in November, as IBW suggests. Constitutional representative government has a way of degenerating into plutocracy, and when the suffering masses can't stand getting sodomized six ways from Sunday anymore, this gives way to one form of "Caesarism" or another. I'd like to think Bernie could put a stop to this unfortunate chain of events, but I really don't think the DNC and the DLC will allow that. How sad for all of us.

Robt said...

It is not simply the DNC or the DLC or the DCCC that hinders Sanders.

Obama overcame the Clinton big machine as a example.

Can people vote? Sure some.
If you have been watching, the media has been pointing out that almost every state the GOP'ers have had more people voting in the primaries than Dems by large margins.

No need for self reflection or expressing disappointment in Obama.
Who the hell sat back and let the Tea Party (republicans) in? Gave them the House, Gave them the Senate. Then blamed Obama for not accomplishing more with a obstructionist Congress.
McConnell told you, "the GOP's number one mission is to make Obama a one term president". Even if that means making America fail so badly. You will blame the President and this will allow GOP to regain power again.
McConnell's (GOP's) strategy seemed to playout quite propaganda ously well.
Because Dems are sitting back in lack of progressive movement with a Dem President that they became apathetic to voting to enhance the movement.

Oh sure, blame Obama for folks that like to think that Obama said he has this. Obama never told anyone to go back to sleep and do not vote in the mid terms...!

Watching State houses overran by conservatism that bankrupts their states. "It is Obama's fault" That is a syndrome that needs a penicillin.

There is this crap, "Well I live in this state where Dems will win most likely. So I will vote for Nader or someone else". I will let those other people vote to maintain the country.
Yeah, yeah, it is a two party system. So it is important who runs and who is voted for in the primaries.

I am here to tell you, the voting number do not show the Dems are going to bother voting at alL this election.

Mr Speaker, the President of the United
States, Donald Trump. From your state of the union.....

ZaftigAmazon said...

@Robt: While you may be right wrt Dem voter, I place some hope in the number of Hispanic people who are pursuing U.S. Citizenship specifically to vote against Trump. I am assuming that non-voting Hispanic citizens will also be registering to vote in record numbers for the same reason.

It's the Democratic party's dirty little secret that black voters have been giving the party many of its wins (Terry McAuliffe, anyone?). Now if the Democrats would try to make blacks and other minorities' lives better, instead of trolling for their votes every 2 years, and neglecting them the rest of the time, we might have better turnout during midterms.

SamB said...

Meantime, the guys who are always wrong have thrown in with Rubio! It's just too funny!

Robt said...


It would be helpful if I am wrong about it. I just see this. Not that it cannot be overcome. As you positively say. Many Hispanics are registering. If they can get by the Voter ID gauntlet........

As much as I personally lean for Bernie. I respect the Clinton machine and the coat tails it can carry.

My primary is over so it is up to other states now for me.

I realize I exuded some pessimism over low turn outs. The General can change. I do know this, GOP'ers are riled and in the hate mode. We see that in their embracing of the KKK and such at their rallies.

Republicans hate Dems/ liberals more than ISIS, more than Satan, more than Iran. They HATE fellow americans .

Think about their campaign promises .
Build a wall to punish the brown people.
Ban brown people from entering the USA.

They have a list of who they want to punish using Government.