Thursday, March 24, 2016

Still Going According To Plan

For a little while last year this wee little blog o' the cornfield ran a wee little, semi-regular feature noting how many weeks it had been since The Liberal Media stopped mentioning that Bill O'Reilly was a giant bag o' lying shite.

Well, it's been a just over a year since anyone with a network job and a steady paycheck has Gotten Very Indignant On-Camera over this issue, so I guess they never really cared about it that much to begin with (from me, last Spring):

Going According To Plan

Yesterday I made a series of predictions about how the media reaction to MSNBC's Joe Scarborough --

-- squatting out a mountain of steaming Fox News bullshit would play out:
Jon Stewart's and/or Larry Wilmore's interns will spend four minutes in the archives and cut together a montage of the last 100 times or so the Fox News tits-and-smirk patrol have dined out on beating the crap out of the poor.

Then The Daily Show and/or The Nightly Show will play this latest blow-your-hair-back lie to come stumbling out of the the beautiful mind of Joe Scarborough.

Cue the montage that shreds it like an RPG hitting a box of Kleenex.

Cue everyone trying to find a new way to look incredulous.

Cut to commercial.

Then it sinks beneath the waves, or if it picks up a little traction, Joe Scarborough will chortle his way though some mild correction in a day or two, written in the finest Both Sides Do It font MSNBC can buy.  And then it's back to business as usual.

Because you know who else knows Joe Scarborough is lying?

Joe Scarborough
Today, let's see how close I came (h/t the inimitable Heather at Crooks and Liars):

See?  The system works!

Also (and apropos of nothing) this marks the 13th week of "Has anyone else noticed that no one is talking about The Many Lies of Bill O'Reilly anymore?"

In fact, not only has Your Liberal Media obediently shut its collective pie-hole about Bill O'Reilly being a giant bag o' lying shite, but the entire Fox News strategy of lockstep ignoring the substance of every criticism about their network's incessant lying shitehood and instead bellowing about their ratings until their critics shaddap has paid huge benefits for one Donald Jehosephat Trump, who bootlegged the entire strategy and is currently using it to stampede an army of mindless Fox News zombies right over Roger Ailes' carefully laid plans and into the Republican party's nomination for president.  

See?  The system still works!


Michael Sweeney said...

Bill O'Reilly lied for your sins.

Anonymous said...

I think people aren't talking about the lies of Billo much anymore is because the entire conservative commentariat has decided to jump in themselves not to mention all the Republican presidential candidates. The way you know if they're lying is if their mouths are open or they are typing something. On this new playing field Billo is small potatoes.

RUKidding said...

Have to agree with marindenver. Who's not lying these days is more to the point and possibly a shorter answer. In fact, so short that the answer might just be: no one.

Billo is just one more bellowing incontinent voice amongst the bellowing throng. He's been drowned out by the jabbering crowd.