Saturday, March 05, 2016

Splinter Is Coming

For the last 30 years, the lords of the land have chosen to play their petty, ruinous, insider Beltway games and ignore the ever-more-dire warnings coming from the outcasts who stand watch on the wall.

But it turns out the snarks are real.
 So are the grumpkins.
 And the white walkers? They are most definitely real.

And now the army you said wasn't real -- that you built vast fortunes pretending wasn't real -- is on your doorstep.

And it doesn't want your money or your privileges.  It wants your country and your future.

So good luck with that.


n1ck said...

A Trump Rally, as described by Pink Floyd in 1982.

A Trump Rally, right before it starts to get interesting, also described by Pink Floyd in 1982.

A Trump Rally (today, 3.5.16), where Strongman Trump asks his followers to raise their right hands and make an oath to Support Strongman Trump, no matter what.

ELSKY said...

And as we know good Nazis honor their oaths to the death.