Sunday, February 28, 2016

Vulgar Morghulis

In a just world, the first line of Bloody Bill Kristol's obituary would read, "One of the elite Neocon masterminds behind George W. Bush's disastrous foreign policy, Bill Kristol ended his public career as a Beltway Max Bialystock hand-jobbing Marco Rubio in the alley behind the ruins of the Party of Lincoln."


Rehctaw said...

In a just world WtB's obit would read, "He was put against the wall and shot..."

Mike R said...

Well Bill is a nasty piece of work, and he may have part time employment in an alley somewhere. He certainly looks like he could be an employee in a pay day loan office.

squatlo said...

Why anyone anywhere would give a shit about anything this blowhard has to say is beyond comprehension. Finding one thing he's been right about in the last couple of decades would probably require an internet search rivaling that used to locate former Nazis in Brazil.

And yet, there he is holding forth on the Sunday talk show circuit, week after week, as if he has something relevant and prophetic to impart.

Dave McCarthy said...

Rubio was making a veiled reference to the bawdy salty old saw that goes like this:

"Well, you know what they say about guys with small hands; they have small gloves."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That one gets me every time!