Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Where Have You Gone, Hotmilitarystud.com?

A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Because you are delightful and sane people with many better things to do, you definitely missed yesterday's edition of MSNBC's the daily three-hour Wingnut Propaganda Panderfest called "Morning Joe".  The specific segment I am thinking about was after Chris Christie's 30-minute, on-air hot oil massage but before Squint and the Meat Puppet began their esophagus-limbering exercises in preparation for the on-air fellating of both Koch Brothers this morning.  

The segment in which Joe Scarborough used some considerable fraction of his three-hours of MSNBC air-time to bitch about how there ain't no damn real Conservative in the teevee business and how awesome it would be if the Party of Lincoln, LLC would get rid of the goddamn Berkeley twinkle-toe Commies who have been ruining the "debates" with their questions about math and "stuff you have done in the past"...

...and replace them with some real goddamn Conservatives who would ask real goddamn Conservative-type questions:

Which brings us around to the strange tale of Jeff Gannon (h/t alert friend-of-the-blog Kevin Holsinger for the reminder.)  Or James Guckert.  Or Johnny Gosch.  You remember.  That gay male prostitute who was also able to somehow became part of the regular rotation of "legitimate journalists" in the Bush Administration press corps?  The guy whose job it was to toss in real goddamn Conservative-type questions whenever Dubya or Scotty Dog McClellan started to drown in their own blood-soaked bullshit?

The fact that Jeff Gannon -- a gay male hooker using a fake name -- was allowed to build a little bird house for himself in the Bush White House press room should-have-but-didn't trigger half-a-dozen Congressional investigations should have been enough for any fair-minded person to kill the "Both Sides" lie once and for all.  And the fact that the same Beltway media which was was never happier than when it could wallow endlessly in a shit-pile of imaginary Clinton scandals refused to so much as touch with a barge pole an actual Bush Administration scandal sitting ten feet away from them --

-- should have been enough for any fair-minded person to kill the "Librul Media" lie once and for all.

But we do not live in world run by or for fair-minded people.  We live in a world where an obvious liar and clown like Joe Scarborough can be paid $77,000 a week to lie and clown three-hours a day, five days a week on your "Librul Media".  We live in a world where the lunatics and demagogues running under the banner of the Party of Lincoln, LLC can dictate the terms and conditions under which they will deign to answer questions about why they deserve to be president.  We live in a world where genuine scandals like the Adventures of Jeff Gannon are bulldozed down the Memory Hole, while repeatedly debunked claptrap like Benghaaaazi rolls on like the mighty Mississippi.  

In other words, the Party of Lincoln, LLC has finally caught up with ol' "Aggressive Verbal Dominant Top" Jeffy.

So come home, Jeff Gannon.  Or James Guckert.  Or Johnny Gosch.  Or whatever pseudonym you're renting yourself out under these days.

All is forgiven.

Because all is forgotten.


Cirze said...

Thanks, buddy.

And we're a great country

  for forgetting.

Have you seen the propaganda vehicle for all-out war called "Manhunt?"

It has a 2013 date on it but I guess I'm kinda slow on the uptake as I just saw it today on HBO.


It looks like they've been making tons of bad videos just aching to go nuclear on all those inconvenient middle-eastern/Asian countries (i.e., situated over OUR oil/gas/minerals).

(Where have all the fall-out shelters gone?)

Take care.

Love y'all!

dinthebeast said...

"Berkeley twinkle toe commies"? I resemble that remark...

And let's not forget what Princess Sparkle Pony said:
"What's worse than hate mail from Jeff Gannon? Love mail."

-Doug in Oakland

Yastreblyansky said...

He'd be the perfect debate moderator!

Robt said...

Gannon and Cheney?

Guckert and Mark Foley?

Gosch and Denny hastert?

The Bush Adm's message to the press was clear all the same.....
The reeking odor of abuse of power mildly disguised with cheap cologne is soon obscured by the rotting corpse of massive money gagging you as it destroys our democracy.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Glad you were able to make something out of this.

"So, why is conservativsm awesome?"
"I'm sorry. That question isn't conserative enough."
"Conservatism is awesome!"

Be seeing you.

DeistPaladin said...

Hey Bluegal and Driftglass, the Kentucky elections are over and we joined the list of states that has their very own "Governor Hedgefund".

And there will be much whining as our Kynect, the state extension of Obamacare, is dismantled. No doubt it will be the fault of Obama.