Friday, October 09, 2015

Inside The Conservative Brain

For future generations, this brief Twitter exchange will summarize how the American Conservative movement destroyed itself.

1. A wingnut makes an assertion of fact:

Facts, bitches!

2.  Citing the Mount Vernon Collection's research department, a kindhearted Liberals takes pity on the poor wingnut and attempts to correct their factual error, thus helping them to avoid looking stupid in public in the future:

3.  The reaction was as predictable as it was hilarious:

And yet there are still Very Serious People who are baffled by the fact that liars and lunatics lead the GOP field by wide margins.


Redhand said...

As Joe Walsh (not the politician!) would say, You Can't Argue with a Sick Mind.

I'm sure these two also believe that George really did chop down the cherry tree. I mean, it's such a great story, it has to be true.

swkellogg said...

What is so timeless about this lame quote?

I am always amazed at what some people consider profound and/or insightful.

Robt said...

Just as corporate executive employ their patsies, their fall guys. They are kept around on bloated salaries \, (as break glass in case of fire). That they have someone to blame.

Notice since someone put truth serum in McCarty's drink. The media story is the disarray caused by republican freedom caucus or the zealot GOP faction. As if their is any difference.

The story of the GOP majority using tax dollars and their tax payer employed time on the job to abuse this for campaigning (via attacking political enemies) in the era of Citizens United) to save the billionaires that expense is criminal but has been silenced by the so called "all of a sudden KAOS of the GOP factions.
Moving the news cycle is one of their attributes and holding the news cycle flight pattern on something like Benghazi is another skill employed by the money control which has corrupted our media as well.

n1ck said...

Oh, shit, in trolling conservative fuckwits throughout the years, I've often come across the "it doesn't matter if what I'm saying isn't reality, it's the delusion that counts" argument.

Charlie Pierce might say that these really are the pig people.

But, I still prefer DG's take on it:

This is a perfect example of the delusions of the Tribe That Rubs Shit In Their Hair.

Thank you for that, DG. As always.

Fiddlin Bill said...

Ad against Renee Ellmers, former arch conservative NC Congressperson.