Friday, October 16, 2015

Hit 'Em Agin Pa!

Dr. Krugman once again o'erleaps the New York Times' propriety privet fence to call his colleague an idiot:
On Thoughtful Conservatives

Corey Robin has an annotated response to David Brooks’s lament about how conservatives have lost their way. It is, after all, rather odd to talk about the virtues of conservatism-that-was without giving a single example of someone who embodied those supposed virtues. Who’s the poster child for the intellectually humble, incrementalist, humane creed that Brooks says we’ve lost?

Corey Robin says that there never was such a person — and buttresses his case with many quotations from conservative icons across the past couple of generations.
It is a delight this to see all kindsa people suddenly moving into this shuttered and nearly-abandoned precinct of punditry which I have been walking pretty much alone for the last +10 years/+1000 posts.

From me in April, 2005:
BoBo pleads for “compromise”. Again.

Just hold still and we’ll skin you with a better knife.

Short Brooks is Same-As-It-Ever-Was Brooks: Let’s cooperate. You bend over a trifle further and we’ll screw you a bit less brutally.

This from today’s NYT where, owing to forces that I find incomprehensible, David Brooks still draws a paycheck for tasks completely unrelated to filling the vending machines up with fresh cookies and HoHo’s at night. And, yes, I add in a word or two...
It is discouraging that after over a decade of writing well ahead of the curve, apparently not one of them can be troubled to notice that I exist at all.

Oh well, back to the want ads.  I hear long-haul truck-drivers are in demand...


beemer said...

Long haul truck driving will be less in demand when autonomous trucks ramp up.

driftglass said...

In the long run, we're all dead anyway.
In the short run, I need to feed my family.

Robt said...

In the fundamental language of Hucckabee religion. I am cursed to endure the trials and tribulations of Job.
In medical terms I am diagnosed with a disease that causes the symptom of restless common good syndrome.
Because of this,
I cannot sit and wait for the next survival training video of the Walking Dead.
Is it now a conservative ideal (wanting to return to the good old days) tin longing for the over turn of Citizens United?

DFH Dave said...


Buck up! Don't despair even as the Great Wheel finally begins to turn...

You've been my go-to source for insight, sanity and common sense for a good ten years now, offering a rudder for a rudderless world. Couldn't possibly thank you enough.

I'd wager a large sum that there are many, many of we hoi-polloi who feel the same way.

osceola said...

Do you really think you were THE ONLY ONE talking about this??

And quoting yourself from 10 years ago to show YOU WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!!!! But No one recognizes your genius, those fools!

I agree with your point of view but you really are rather pathetic. If the Internet didn't exist you'd be yelling at random passers-by on a street corner.

dinthebeast said...

I drove a delivery truck for about ten years. I found it to be good work, and met a lot of interesting people. Not much money in it, though, but I was used to that.

-Doug in Oakland

bowtiejack said...


" If the Internet didn't exist you'd be yelling at random passers-by on a street corner."

Uh, if wingnut welfare didn't exist, many of the minions of the current fascist project (the welding together of corporate and governmental power for those of you who missed any episodes) would be digging through trash bins hunting for discarded pizza slices.

I miss your point. Drifty does solid work, you can disagree or not with his take on stuff, but his craft is solid. Wonder how those tinkerers Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael and the rest would have done without their patrons.

waldo said...

'If the Internet didn't exist'- jeez, I should know better. I almost said something about this guy's existence, parentage and genetic heritage. I must be getting old.

Robt said...

But the internet does exist?

Gee, if Marconi did not invent the radio, Rush Limp-paw would be farting out brown spots in his trousers (in his room) at his parents house basement.

Gee if a nuclear bomb went off 20 feet away from you. What would you do.

Such eloquent and colorful word-smithery wielded at DG's expression of analysis and constructive criticism..
Since we shall not discuss what a comment-er might be acting out if there were no internet for him to comment.
How DG elaborates of David Brooks (he tells you why).
Which coulf cause one to ask the question,
David Brooks,,,IS THAT YOU ????