Monday, September 28, 2015

Kevin McCarthy Announces Bid For Speaker*

Same message.

Different inflection.

Appropriately, the Moonie Times announces that the Pod People will soon have a new leader:
McCarthy announces bid for House speaker; likely has spot sewn up

Rep. Kevin McCarthy announced his bid to be the next House speaker in a letter to colleagues Monday that insisted the GOP must work to heal its internal divisions in order to win on the big fights facing Congress.

The California Republican said he’d already reached out to every one of the more than 240 House Republicans to sound them out about his candidacy and the direction they think Republicans should go, and his official entry into the race likely signals he has sewed up the support needed to triumph.
Water on Mars and pod people running Congress.

Stay awake, people.

Stay awake.

*(For those never seen it, "Kevin McCarthy" is the name of the actor who starred in the original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers")


John MacCuish said...

Hee, hee. Remember when the Republicans had a spat of ethically challenged Speakers in quick succession? I, The Amazing Criswell, predict we are in for another flash flood of Republican Speakers. I also don't think it is a coincident that there is now water on Mars and none in California. Maybe before he gets canned, McCarthy can figure out the connection and pump some of that Martian water to the surrounding burbs of Bakersfield. I give him two months, four tops.

D. said...

I still think of Kevin McCarthy the actor before I get Kevin McCarthy the politician.

You think the other ethically-challenged Congressfolk are kicking themselves for not jumping at /s/h/a/d/o/w/s/ the position?

gocart mozart said...

Isn't McCarthy a liberal squish also? I mean, what if he believes in governing, what then?

dinthebeast said...

I hereby apologize on behalf of the state of California for the existence of Kevin McCarthy...

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

So they might go for the conservative liberal pussy from California? I mean, California?

Calif. gave us Hollywood, 49'ers, Nancy Pelosi, many environmental standards, Hippies, The Doors, The Hollywood stop, Ronald Reagan, Barbara Boxer and Disney.
Are they sure they want someone from Calif. ?

My choice for the GOP Speaker of the House was Louie Goemert.
Although "David Duke without the baggage" is a close 2nd. How conservative it would be to have a KKK member in line to be president. Like the Good Ole Days.

Kathleen O'Neill said...


Thank goodness! I've had to duck my head and mumble for all these years because of John Boehner not only being from Ohio but within driving distance of my neighborhood. Welcome to my world, Doug in Oakland! It sounds like he's off to a smashing start - my AOL home page tells me he's lambasted Obama in a speech. Shocking.

Jerry B said...

The Pope was here. The Speaker resigns. A Blood/Super moon eclipse. Water found on Mars. Some of the pig people will believe it's the end of the world and start offing themselves.

Charles Pierce said...

And, as you know, the original KMac had a great cameo in the 1978 remake.

Fritz Strand said...

Perhaps the only way to get these nihilists to knock it off is give them a taste of their own medicine - Really shut down the 'govment'. Trap those A holes in DC by a shutdown of the FAA, stop the SSN payment to their grandparents, etc., etc.. Outrage begins at home.

bowtiejack said...

In you missed it, there was an important pod people announcement yesterday:


dinthebeast said...

Oh God it's even worse than I thought:

-Doug in Oakland