Friday, July 10, 2015

When The Lede Is "A prominent group of African-American conservatives..."

You kinda know where the story is going.

And it does:
Black group defends Bill Cosby from 'opportunistic' women

A prominent group of African-American conservatives is defending Bill Cosby from dozens of "opportunistic” women who have accused the longtime comedian of sexual assault.

Project 21, a conservative African American public policy group, says Cosby, 77, was treated unfairly by a federal judge this week who unsealed documents in which the comedian admits to secretly giving women drugs with whom he wanted to have sex.

The documents had been sealed since 2006, but were released after a lawsuit by the Associated Press. Project 21 says the judge’s decision to release the documents was biased and unfair to Cosby.

Archbishop Council Nedd II, a founder of Project 21, accused the women who say Cosby raped them of being “opportunistic.” After waiting so many years to come forward, the women should be prepared to "live with whatever transpired," he suggested.

“What we have seen over the last year is Bill Cosby repeatedly attacked and tried in the media,” Nedd said in a statement. “Based on the fact that none of the accusers, seen on the variety of news and talk shows, saw fit to push for criminal charges when the events occurred, tells me that they made a personal and calculated decision to live with whatever transpired. To me, it seems opportunistic to seek media headlines now.”


bluicebank said...

This might a tad crass to you, Drift. But Bill Cosby is a fucking asshole. Because I am from the Old School, and nobody knows what that is.

There are rules.

Rule 1: Don't be a bad man. Being a good man includes chivalry.

Rule 2: If you are a bad man, don't cheat on your fellows carrying flowers for the ladies. Because, uncool. That includes not drugging your intended victim even though you're an ogre and have no charm, but especially if you have charm and go the cheap route anyway.

Rule 3: Stop being a crybaby if you have violated Rules 1-2 and have been busted big time.

Bill Cosby, where in the world is Fat Albert to sit on your ass for this shit?

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...