Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Calls Are Coming from Inside the House

Now that the worst people in the media have a wide, protected beach-head on your Liberal teevee, expect things to keep getting worse until Steve "Lil' Chuck Tood" Kornacki is the most Liberal thing on MSNBC, and CNN or Fox just buys the former Olbermann network outright for pocket change.

But until that time, you can still enjoy the sight of MSNBC's Joe Scarborough asking Both Siderist shit-slinger-for-hire Ron Fournier to help him figure out what in the heck is going on in the crazy modern world of politics, what with its Instagram machines and Palm Pilots.

The astute reader will note that while Mr. Fournier has no trouble piling on safe-target Donald Trump, he goes out of his way to suck up to his bread-and-butter -- the meatsticks who thinks Trump is the answer to their dreams.  See, contrary to what you snooty media elites think, they're not "dumb-dumbs" at all.   Not the degenerate end-product of a Conservatism's 30-year-long Fox News/HateRadio wingnut manufacturing process.  Oh heavens no!  They're smart, responsible, sweet-smelling, salt-of-the-Earth products of Founier's squalid little imagination citizens of TheGreatestCountryGodEverMade who have "every reason" to be as cartoonishly unhinged as they clearly are because queers and n*ggers and Mexican rapists with Obamaphones are coming for their guns! they just love this gosh darn country so gosh darn much.


Jimbo said...

Kasich sheds large crocodile tears for the poor because of his deep, abiding Christian faith. So that means he is already dead meat to the wingnut majority in the Gooper Party. To the extent he is "rising" it is likely the post-announcement bounce and the novelty of the new face. This happened to all the recent newbies (Walker the Homunculus and the Trump Monster) with the exception of Gilmore (who?) who was dead on arrival and Jindal who's regarded as a joke even by wingnuttiest.

Don P said...

Slightly off topic, but I'll put it here for Shiites and Giggles: It's Currently 4:30 PM Eastern July 30th; has MSNBC covered the Bernie Sanders National Townhall Rally of July 29th yet?

We can debate Hillary/Bernie of course, but that's not the issue here, I kept an eye on my liberal TV most (but to be fair not all of) last night and saw nary a mention. Sanders could have easily had a million people gathered around the country/watching online. If << Clown Car Driver Here>> did that, Fox would be buying him Oval Office Curtains NOW.