Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Knee-Jerks

Since the Kenyan Usurper initiated it and Swifty Swiftboaterson negotiated it, the proposed agreement with Iran must obviously must be the worst, most treacherous act of fictional betrayal since Colonel Phillip Green murdered Abraham Lincoln!

Headlines from the National Review:
Obama’s Iran Agreement: A Bad Deal for America, a Bad Deal for Middle East Peace 

BY TOM ROGAN ( The, no kidding, "inaugural chair of the ‘Tony Blankley Chair for Public Policy and American Exceptionalism’ award by the Steamboat Institute.")

The Iranian Nuclear Deal Is a Stimulus Package for Jihadists 

BY DAVID FRENCH (author of "Is Obama Really a Christian?" and assorted other works of wingnut hateporn)

Could the Iran Deal Be the Worst International Accord of All Time? 

BY DANIEL PIPES (Serial lunatic and killer of irony)
Headlines from The Weekly Standard:
A Very Good Deal—for Iran
BY WILLIAM KRISTOL  (The Queen of All Wingnut Welfare and blood-drunk sociopath)

Cotton: Iran Deal 'Terrible, Dangerous Mistake'
BY DANIEL HALPER  (Professional Clinton scandal monger)

Netanyahu: Iran Deal 'Historic Mistake for the World'
BY DANIEL HALPER  (Yep.  Same guy.)
Every one of these people is paid real money to sling this schlock.

Every one of them.


Unknown said...

Hardly surprising, but still nice for posterity's sake, to have Bloody Bill WRONG Kristol on the record as hating this agreement.

His disapproval is the best possible predictor of future success. I wish WRONG Kristol would make daily stock market picks. I could get rich and retire early just from doing the opposite of what he suggests.

Strider said...

Nice pull from one of the more obscure TOS eps, Drifty! Btw, I've always enjoyed when the writers on Sadly, No! referred to Daniel Pipes as 'Daniel "Crack" Pipes'.

bowtiejack said...

Hmmm. Things go on until they don't.

These guys (and they're all guys!) sound like the Men's Grill in a 1937 small town country club. Don't people realize that Mussolini finally got Italy on a business basis and made the trains run on time? That Hitler's the future? Roosevelt and his communist/socialist plans are destroying this country!