Wednesday, April 08, 2015

10 Years After: 2011 -- A 2011 Whitman's Sampler

The 10th blogiversary fundraiser continues with 2011:  Trench Warfare.

I have promises to keep and miles of posting before I sleep, so I will begin to wind down the year of 2011 with a little bit of a cheat.  As a small gift to my future self, for when I go doddering back through my archives looking car keys or a lost pen or a "Best Of..." or two, below is a bundle of posts from 2011 which share no common theme other than I wrote 'em, I liked 'em and apparently so did a bunch of you good people:

Methuselah's Forgetful Children.  It's a reliable source of cheap amusement to see how many people come up with hot, new ideas that have been kicking around the SF universe for 70 years.

When Andrew Sullivan traded up from to the Daily Beast, I 'umbly recommended my own self as a great replacement for their lineup.  I have knocked on a many such doors over the years.  So far no one has answered.

David Brooks and The Bastardized Mind

Remember, "Don't Talk About The War!"

The Media:  A Brief History

In 2011, I was blocked by Jonah Goldberg for all the right reasons.

Money continued to make the world go 'round.

In 2011, Matt Taibbi went on another backpacking adventure through Real Murrica.
He found pretty much what you would expect ("Waiting for the Miracle".)

In 2011, Jonathan Chait showed us how Very Serious People can get so wedded to the Sour Tit of Fake Centrism they literally can no longer perceive of a reality outside of its parameters.

In 2011, that Ivory Tower Conservatism dollar continued to be a good dollar ("While I pondered weak and weary...")

A brief guide to making yourself unemployable.

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