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Professional Left Podcast #265

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" [In 2014] Several shows saw significant individual declines, including “Morning Joe,” which was down -26% in the [25-54] demo. "
" What is dead may never die."
-- Game of Thrones

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Science Fiction University Questions and Answers:
1. In which science fiction short story is Santa Claus really a James Bond-like secret agent?  Who was the author of the story and what was the name of at least one villain from the story. (Bonus point for knowing the greeting between employees of Santa's workshop)

Answer: "Santa Claus vs S.P.I.D.E.R.", written in 1968 by Harlan Ellison, so the villains were...Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, Richard J. Daley, George Wallace, Lester Maddox and Spiro Agnew  (Bonus:  "No War Toys")

2.  What 1964 Christmas SF movie disaster is always a fan favorite at conventions.  [Hint:  Pia Zedora]

Answer: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

3.  What dystopian science fiction movie is conspicuously set in the lead up to Christmas?

Answer: Brazil

4.  In a Ray Bradbury short story, a young boy's parents are worried that travel regulations will make their son's Christmas suck.  But the young boy gets a most unexpected Christmas present.  What is the name of the story and what present does the boy receive? 
Answer:  "The Gift" which is to see billions of stars through the porthole.

5.  In an Arthur C. Clarke short story, a Jesuit priest's faith is sorely tested by a tragic discovery.  What is the name of the story and what does the priest discover? 
Answer:  "The Star". The supernova which destroyed the advanced civilization they were sent to investigate was also the Star of Bethlehem.

6.  Had the internet existed in 1978 when this successful film franchise spawned one of the most universally hated holiday specials of all time, it might have doomed the career of Bea Arthur among others.  What was the film franchise and what was the name of the fictional holiday the awful, awful show purported to celebrate?
Answer:  Star Wars...Life Day

7.  What famous writer of science fiction (including the rarely seen "A Carol for Another Christmas") was born on Christmas Day? 
Answer: Rod Serling

8.  What science fiction movie is centered around the need to protect the miraculous pregnancy of an unwed mother from a violent world.
Answer:  "Children of Men". Will also accept “The Terminator”

9.  In what TV series do Desmond and Penny finally connect via telephone on Christmas Eve?\ 
Answer:  "Lost"

10.  What author contracted with Scribner's for 12 years to produce a new "juvenile" novel each year for the Christmas season?   
Answer:  Robert Heinlein
I did not publish any of the guesses I got as comments,  However this was a tough quiz, so if you scored 20% or better, please send me a snail-mail address where I can send you a congratulatory postcard.  (Offer void for time travelers and psi cops)

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dahlgren said...

Ah I thought I had just screwed up your new commenting system I got 4 right plus two half right (if you're feeling generous). Yay!