Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Why Democrats Lose

They don't know how to kill the bunny (slightly NSFW).


Ex-Guest said...

Nope. Sorry. But according to all the data and science that you and others like you claim to believe in, the reason why Dems loose is because our Democracy is working exactly as intended. The group with the most votes won and the politicians went where the votes were tonight. And like most every mid-term election since the 1970's, the so called liberals who supposedly believe in Democracy, can't show up to vote consistently enough to actually make themselves a voice that has to be heard in the politics of this country.

"Liberals" have this stupid ideal that simply being right means you should win in a Democracy. Unfortunately it's perfectly legal, and indeed the point, that if the party of crazy, a.k.a. the GOP, gets the most votes it doesn't matter how wrong they are about anything, they get to run things. So the crazy party who's base shows up to vote every damn election, even for the RINO's, from primaries for Dog Catcher in Sisterfuck Arkansas to President of the USA is of course going to win against the group that doesn't bother to show up to vote unless they think their perfect Unicorn with sparkles and rainbows is on the actual ballot.

Now excuse me while I figure how to best kill myself as painlessly as possible because the "both sides" enablers and "Liberals" just put into power the people who are going to literally kill me because they are going to defund the Medicaid Expansion of the "horrible insurance company love fest" Obamacare, so that the Keepra and Midodrine that keep me alive and from living in a complete hell hole go from being affordable at $5 a month to being more than $200 USD a month, and I only live off $200's a month that my family can spare me because the seizures and neurocardiogenic syncope make it so I can't work.

And all for the want of a fucking "liberal" voting group that for all the claims of being the group of facts, logic, reason, and science can't seem to understand the basic premise that you have to show up to win, and politics is a never ending struggle so you have to show up every damn time.

Oh, and I love that for how the "Mushy Middle" is given the finger and blame for all of this, but the exit polls and voter records show that it's the demographics, registered voters, and places that are supposed to be the most liberal who didn't bother to show up. But the "Mushy Middle" showed up and voted. Go figure.

CM said...

Looking forward to some character building experience for the next 2 (6, or 10) years.

Anonymous said...

Democrats need to run liberals if they want liberals to vote for them.