Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Shut Up And Vote

Then bitch all you want.

See you on the other side.


Doowad Jones said...

Hey driftglass, here's a mix a buddy and I made in tribute to our dystopian future. Pardon the teabuggery: http://themutualappreciationsociety.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-only-hope-for-america-is-jeebus.html

mellowjohn said...

“There’s always a difference! This is between ‘bad’ and ‘worse’—which is much sharper than between ‘good’ and ‘better.’”

and i'll bet even money you know who said this.

Anonymous said...

I voted two weeks ago.

Here in Washington State we have switched to mail-in ballots across the state.

It should be the nationwide standard.

Ric - from the land of sky blue waters.

Robt said...

As an agnostic leaning toward health atheist. I just want to say "Amen" to "just vote".

I will know soon on the midterm voter turn out.
Aren't you looking forward to the aftermath reports of Voter Suppression and it's effects?

Can we give a big round of applause to the U.S. Supreme Court's fab-five..........

deistpaladin said...


dinthebeast said...

It seems to me that the largest factor in suppressing turnout is the campaigns themselves. The Republican strategy being to spend billions of dollars making the process so ugly and lame that no-one in their right mind would want to be part of it, thereby leaving the election to the crazies they know will show up and vote for them every time. When 20% of eligible voters can be called a landslide, something is wrong. But you know what? Do it anyway. Even if you're so sick of hearing about the Senate that you're about to vomit, that is at most, one item on your ballot. Here in Oakland we have measure BB to vote for, and it always feels good to send Barbara Lee back for another two years, so it's always worth it to vote.

-Doug in Oakland

DeistPaladin said...

The word "amen" just means "so it is". One need not be religious to use it. Only solipsism should preclude its use.

Also, if you're an agnostic, you're also an atheist. Atheism is a lack of a belief in any god or gods, not the belief that gods don't exist. Subtle distinction but if you say you don't know, by definition you also don't believe.

driftglass said...

So mote it be :-)

Anonymous said...

I voted, just for local tax/spending/basics issues and for a local independent. He's actually a good guy, and he wins up here.

I won't vote R... but after the batshit insanity for people like Pierce, Digby, and others over the Greenwald mess (and showing their staggering ignorance about how technology works, yet ranting about things they do not understand), the fall of Salon.com and other liberal sites I used to read into utter insanity, the idiocy of "it's ok to make lump claims about Christians but not about Muslims" crap against Maher, I won't vote for a party I know they support. I think my side is worse right now, and I sure as fuck don't want anyone the far left might have a chance of influencing in power anymore than I want the far right.

Our side was sane when the other side was in power, over the past few years they've lost all grip on reality and turned into a bunch of howler monkeys. Put me as a convert to the "both sides suck, if we can fire the progressives and the teaparty into the sun shit might get better".

I'm in NOVA, and I know a lot of people who felt the same way. I think most stayed home completely. Don't worry about the election here though, Warner will win though. NOVA comes in last and that's where all the money and real people are, the rest of the state is worthless hicks.

I've also decided to restrict my "political media" consumption to Real Time, Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, Driftglass, and Daily Banter for a while.

Warner is still a cocknozzle, and while some of Moran's relatives are personal friends and I could have voted for him just off that, he's going to win regardless.

I'll think about larger voting the next time it comes up, but if my side goes anymore crazy I think me and some friends are just going to have a "fuck both sides" party in 2016 and not vote.

Anonymous said...

Watching Kentucky applaud Turtles campaign manager more than him is fucking hilarious.