Thursday, August 28, 2014

What is L.A.C.I.R.?

What is L.A.C.I.R.?

It is my own, dues-collecting cause for which -- if I can swing it -- you will be getting dunned by Jim Dean or Howard Dean or Adam Green.


Here is an example of what we at L.A.C.I.R. are trying to stamp out.

Dear Chris,

I know it feels good to pretend that you are somhow unburdening yourself to conservatives who will listen to you and take what you say seriously, but this "Open Letter To..." suffers from the obvious flaw that a) the "conservatives" you are trying to reach to do not watch your program and, b) the "conservatives" you are trying to reach are as imaginary as Ammit the Devourer.

So cut it out.

Unless you're don't listen to people me.

Which would be ironic, no?

Yours in Christ,



Jim from MN said...

Is that you twerking? Righteous.

Jim from MN said...

Is that you twerking? Righteous.

Anonymous said...

No. He should cut out wearing a tie. And talking like a fucking news reporter/commentator who knows anything whatsoever. But it's "equally" (heh, heh, fuck you, driftglass) mistaken to suggest that there are no "conservatives" (duly embraced by scare quotes) whom he reaches. He does reach them. The world, driftglass, is big, very BIG, with lotsa different and diverse assholes. Some buy Hayes's bullshit.

JerryB said...

Thank You

DeistPaladin said...

Poor Chris.
He suffers from Obama Syndrome, the delusion that you can reason with modern conservatives.