Wednesday, August 06, 2014

She Did It For...Johnny

Maureen McDonnell was 'a nutbag,' former aide told prosecutors

Maureen McDonnell's former chief of staff testified today that the first lady was prone to screaming rages at her staff, but that the McDonnells appeared romantic with each other.

Mary-Shea Sutherland also acknowledged that she "probably" had described Maureen McDonnell to prosecutors as "a nutbag."

The nature of the McDonnells' relationship is crucial. Prosecutors are trying to undermine the defense theory that Maureen McDonnell had a crush on Star Scientific CEO Jonnie R. Williams Sr. and the McDonnells could not have conspired with each other because they were estranged

So, so ugly.

But I gotta say, on this one, I think overall my state is still ahead of Virginia on points (from me back in 2009 which also happened to be the last month during which I had a full-time job, so thank for the lemon juice in that wound Bob McDonnell!):
That Lil' Roddy has been allowed to run wild-child through the machinery of power, hold national headlines hostage to his whims and turn a political heist-gone-bad into his own, personal "Blag Day Afternoon" --

-- is a reflection of the widespread decrepitude of our political system generally, but only in the unique Mosh Pit of Illinois politics could someone name Milorad R. Blagojevich play the race card and not get laughed into political oblivion.


Robt said...

Never thought you would get to this trial?
About time!

Does anyone find it astonishing that Bob and Maureen McDonnell are huge Religulous patriots? I am talking rediculously religious.

He campaigned as a very devout man. Graduated from Falwell University.
He might be from the same class of Agent Starling from the Bush Adm fame, testifying that she, "took an oath to the President and could not answer questions"

Much of Bob McDonnell's Zealot University writings came out and Bob had to say he didn't mean what he wrote and that he wouldn't impose religion if elected.

Then Governor BOB gave the state
-legal gay discriminatory laws. Regarding gay at universities in the state.

He was mostly known for his religious strike in God's name as "Governor Ultra-sound".

There was more.

SO why doesn't Ole Bob and Maureen McDonnell Praise the Lord in Court?

How did the Lord allow two exceptionally faithful favorites stray from one another?

When does their defense team turn to God's Will?

Actually, can the MMcDonnell's truly be judged in this secular court?

I remember when S. Carolina;s Gov Sanford was all wrapped up in guey media gluten. We were told by Sanford's pastor. Pasot Cubby Cubberson, that if Sanford is to stay Governor it was not up to the people of the state. It was up to God and up to Mes Sanford if she will take him back.

Does Pat Robertson have a judicial branch to hear this case for the McDonnell's. That they do not have to be judged by secular heritecs?

Seriously, I haven't heard any reporting that Bob is deep in prayer like he did when hecampaigned for Office?

Why didn't Bob take his wife to the Pastor for lust of a billionaire counciling?

Dan said...

So far as I can tell there is a fairly large group of humanoids that believe they are XTRA Crunchy Christians and therefore exempt from the laws of the US.
Let's see if they actually spend some time in jail

Mister Roboto said...

Wow. An American fundie Imelda Marcos if ever there was one.