Saturday, March 01, 2014

Makes Me Laugh

Because sure. Why not.

They would also like your thoughts.

Perhaps you should indulge them.

And don't forget to tell them driftglass sent you.


Anonymous said...

Bloody Bill dropped in on "Real Time". It was hard to watch, but the after party is just plain hilarious. Made me think a lot of your definition of the baggers and Nazis burning their uniforms.

Anonymous said...

I've never understood their urge for a "third party".

If you want a pro business party, that's socially liberal/moderate/tolerant, that is pro national security, pro foreign engagement instead of isolationalist, and is actually willing to cut entitlements.... that sums up exactly what the Democratic party is.

I get they don't want hippie, OWS, or the stink of any of the other riff-raff on them. But that mix of cranks and losers doesn't have any influence in the Democratic party. Unlike the Republicans the Democrats are very good at punching their lunatics and making sure they never get to touch any real levers of power.

If you want to cut social security, a grand bargain, and gay marriage... vote Democratic. Waiting for Bloomberg isn't going to get it done. Clinton and Obama, they are doing it and getting us closer than ever before.

casimir said...

Anonymous (6:13) - Agree with you, but it's about the Overton window. Still important to keep the Democratic establishment view holding down the "left wing" of the acceptable spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Potus is right-center bs with smerconish and both sider Tim Farley. And Julie mason is a bushie douche. Love you driftglass, keep it up!

Cliff said...

But that mix of cranks and losers doesn't have any influence in the Democratic party.

Now that's classic Geese Howard: "I vote Democratic because they deliver on all the shitty, needlessly cruel, shortsighted policies that the GOP promises."

All it lacks is the gratuitous kick of the slippered foot to the teeth of everyone in flyover country, and a celebration of how awesome everything is in North Virginia Military Contractor Heaven.

Anonymous said...

you say shitty I say fucking awesome.

Besides, it puts more cash in the hands of the socially liberal 1% in our best cities that let's us deliver on gay marriage, fight Jesus bigots, and win on cultural issues.

If we need to redistribute income we can do it locally in our areas. Keeping the populist working class right broke and lacking money helps us win politically to change this countries culture.

So what if a few eggs get broken? I'm not going to shed a tear over a few decimated bible thumpers. Fuck them.