Friday, February 07, 2014

Professional Left Podcast #218

"It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to."

-- W. C. Fields



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Bradley Walker said...

In some ways I agree with you that Bill Nye debating Ken Ham does more for Ham, but on the other hand there is a real danger in letting nonsense go unanswered -- witness John "Swift Boat" Kerry.

As others have said, neither side was likely to concede defeat -- the most you could hope for would be to influence those in the audience who are wavering.

J. said...

Sorry, but I've finally realized that I just need to pull the drag chute again and stop listening to the Professional Left for a bit. The sheer, crushing, inescapable, and seemingly relentless hopelessness is just something I'm not up for anymore. This show in particular, it was just one gut-punch after another with nothing to indicate any of what Blue Gal says about how liberalism is based in love and hope for the future.

All I hear now is 'our efforts are useless and worthless, reason is worthless, discussion is worthless, why bother', and I sure don't hear any alternate ideas for what we could all be doing coming from the Professional Left. Just the same hopelessness you yourself, driftglass, lampooned mercilessly and told people they should just kill themselves in their basement over rather than bother you about at one point.

This is definitely not the first time I've had to stop listening every week because it, and by it I mean the embittered, burned-out, hopelessness, just got to be about neck-height and I realized I was about to fucking drown in it unless I took a break from the Professional Left.

I'll continue my five bux a month despite being unable to stomach it until you guys get a bit more of the 'light a candle' going on and a bit less of the 'cursing the darkness' running through every aspect of your show.

I'm sure I'll be back listening because nobody else is throwing down like the Professional Left still, really, at least that I've found, but for now, I'm out.