Friday, December 13, 2013

And Speaking of Jar Jar Binks...

Ron Christie would like you to know that Paul Ryan would make just a super Republican candidate in 2016!

Super-duper even!

What with his planet-sized brain (stocked floor-to-ceiling with Ayn Rand slash fiction), his "smart, pro-growth conservative" credentials and his...wait for
"...crossover appeal to Democrats and communities of color"

Because after all, we would never want to risk repeating the hideous mistake of electing a rank amateur like George W. Bush Barack Obama ever again!
After electing an inexperienced senator in 2008, America cannot handle four more years of the on-the-job training we’ve witnessed with President Barack Obama.
Now thoroughly buffed and polished, Ron Christie reverently places Representative Ryan's balls back in his John Galt Underoos, kicks back and waits for the rewards for a job well done to roll in.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Paul Ryan?

The Paul Ryan that couldn't carry his (predominantly white) home state for the GOP ticket? The one that has never held a private sector job?

The one that in 14 years as a House Rep, sponsored a grand total of TWO bills?

The one that can't do math? (admittedly, he did the math well enough to figure out how to marry into money)

THAT Paul Ryan?

Well, I guess it might be the best they got.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Also, it may be noted that the two areas that have significant African-American populations, Kenosha and Racine, vote overwhelmingly against him. As well as the other two larger urban areas, Madison and Milwaukee did during the Preznitial election.

"Appeal to communities of color" my hairy zombie ass.

OBS said...

The one that in 14 years as a House Rep, sponsored a grand total of TWO bills?

Hey, that Post Office wasn't going to rename itself! Congressinating is hard man, hard.

Anonymous said...

It's the GOP way. Always there are two - master and apprentice. When the master is defeated or term limited out, the apprentice takes over and the Culver begins anew. Always, since the time of Darth Bonzo, has it been thus. Reagan to Bush. Bush to Dole. Dole to someone.. Bush 2.0, McCain, Romney, and now Ryan. The only alternative to picking the previous VP is to pick Number Two, which from 2012 was Rick Santorum.
Good luck, GOP - You're gonna need it.