Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Honor of John Kasich

Earning the enmity of the Dregpublicans by remembering to use that map Nick Cage gave him showing the route to a little-known committee that let him to take free money from the federal government to help keep poor people from dying:
... John the Apostle

In that regard, the Tea Party – and Democrats – are probably giddy this morning over this headline and editorial from the Wall Street Journal: "Medicaid and the Apostle Kasich."

The Journal equates Kasich's support for Medicaid expansion with acceptance of Democratic President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

The harsh rebuke includes this: "Not to be sacrilegious, but the Republican used to know better. Now Mr. Kasich seems to view signing up for this part of ObamaCare as an act of Christian charity and has literally all but claimed that God told him to do so."

The editorial also predicts a rocky Kasich run for president: "His behavior doesn't speak well for Mr. Kasich's governing judgment as he prepares to run for a higher office in 2016, and we don't mean the afterlife. Republicans get a vote before St. Peter does."
The honky-tonk called a stranger
The stranger couldn't pay the bill
Made a stand, raised his hand
Sang a song, no time to kill


Mr. Bob said...

So now the WSJ is calling Obamacare

These dipshits don't even know they're giving the President

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Well, considering Ms. Gal now calls Mr. Rubio "Republican Jesus" after the Time Magazine cover, it looks like we're slowly building up enough Republicans to do a Last Supper pic.

Enjoy your day.

---Kevin Holsinger

Kathleen said...

The legislative rethugs have already filed suit. The only reason they didn't accept this expansion was because Obama's name was attached to it (Kasich told my state senator Eric Kearney not to invoke Obama's name when lobbying his peers for Medicaid Expansion, and Sen Kearney agreed with that assessment). Oh, and "Right To Life" is part of the suit. I guess POOTW's (People Outside Of The Womb) don't deserve a quality life through affordable health care. I had a dog in this hunt since there is a chance I would qualify for ACA under the Medicaid Expansion. Good on Kasich, though I suspect the medical/pharma complex supported expansion because it's more cost effective than ER visits.