Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tomorrow Belongs, Tomorrow Belongs,Tomorrow Belongs to Them

If this all sounds wearyingly familiar:
And then we have the Congress we elected in 2010, the worst Congress in the history of the Republic. Watching these people bedevil their leadership, and confound the pundits into the bargain, is to watch people who believe themselves to have been uniquely blessed in their purpose. A great piece of the Republican party establishment went to the bank believing that most of these people didn't really believe what they were saying, that they could be allowed to spread preposterous lies about (especially) the Affordable Care Act, because that's was a way for the Republicans to gain a House majority, which would then do what the Republican establishment -- whatever that is any more -- told it to do. I'm not entirely sure people like John Boehner had any idea that these people who do what they said they would do.

Now they're behaving like a martyrdom cult and even the historically batty Wall Street Journal editorial page is getting nervous. However, when the House changed hands in 2010, and the country installed this pack of vandals in office, all of the instant celebrity told the newly elected congresscritters that they were the custodians of a historic moment.
It's because it is:

Plutocrats always believe they can control the devil the conjure.

And because I haven't mentioned it in awhile, let me remind everyone that there There. Is. No. Tea. Party.

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