Tuesday, September 24, 2013

America's Very Bad Santa

Lights up the Dimple Pinch comment section
Saul Goodman Posted 16 hours ago
Having trouble tracking down a bottle of this down in Nebraska. Anyone know of a store that carries it near the Lincoln center mall??

walter white Posted 18 hours ago
I love this stuff

Holly White Posted 21 hours ago

Jesse Pinkman Posted Yesterday
Awww Yeah! SCOTCH, [beep] !!!

Gus Fringe Posted Yesterday
Un vaso pequeño de de su mejor PINCH DIMPLE, por favor. Sería muy de agradecer.

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle Posted Yesterday
I'd like to order an ocean of this stuff... who would be satisfied with just a bottle?

Huell Posted Yesterday
This would be great right now but I am currently couch ridden, I was told to wait here last week and nobody has come back to get me. I'm feeling reasonably mellow much like this fantastic scotch. Mmmmmm "Blended to Perfection" Do tell!! Do Tell!!

Another Breaking Bad Fan Posted Yesterday
I fancy myself a bit of a scholar of fine scotch, and yet, I have to confess that I've never heard of Dimple Pinch before tonight's "Breaking Bad." (Of which I'm just as big a fan, if not more.)
Sure enough, the axxholes have descended to make a mockery of everything, and (by extension) drive up the price of any extant bottles of the Pinch. Now I'm going to have to spend 37 arms and 43 legs just to sample a dram.
You horse [beep] ers.

Skyler White Posted Yesterday
Just wait until your father gets home, Flynn!

Hector Salamanca Posted Yesterday
Ding Ding

riverrat326 Posted Yesterday
The best thing to mix with Dimple Pinch is a bit of ricin, don't you think? (Breaking Bad AMC)

Tuco Posted Yesterday

Marie Posted Yesterday

One Horse Town Barkeep Posted Yesterday
Hey bud, you gonna leave that Pinch behind?

Flynn Posted Yesterday
You killed Uncle Hank! I don't want anything from you. Why are you still alive? Just die already! (Breaking Bad AMC)

Uncle Hank Posted Yesterday
You know, I never liked that expensive crap that Walt used to buy. It tastes the same as the cheap [beep] , but he always brought a bottle of the Pinch at Christmastime.

Walter White Posted Yesterday
I am coming for you, Gretchen and Elliott. Cheers.

Walter White Posted Yesterday
A fine whiskey.....for revenge.

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drbopperthp said...

Goddamn I quit drinking far too soon!!!