Tuesday, August 27, 2013

That Hyperbole Dollar is a Good Dollar, Ctd.

Big-time blogger John Cole pitches a big, ol' thrombo (emphasis added) --

It Rubs the Lotion On Its Skin Or It Gets the Hose Again
Check out the big brain on Bob [Cesca]! He can wrap his head around every detail of Greenwald perfidy, real and mostly imagined, but that’s all he has room for! He can’t possibly also field a discussion about the actual NSA abuses- he’s just too fucking busy reaching for the fainting couch because some of the reporters involved just aren’t up to his standards. Drama Queens! Melodramatic fags! Suck on that, Ackerman and others.
-- over something that medium-time blogger Bob Cesca never came within a mile of saying:
Were it not for the melodramatic personal struggles of the reporters and their source, along with the link-bait and bad reporting that constantly demands careful inspection, we might be talking about ways to improve and reform America’s surveillance operations.
I'm going to assume that after a period of calm reflection, Mr. Cole will regain his senses and dial his hysterical, acid-in-the-eyes comments waaaaay the fuck back.  And while this is a little deeper into the world of blogger pie-fighting than I like to get, I thought it was worth noting that the practice of mutilating criticism of Mr. Greenwald to the point where what-you-insist-it-says bears virtually no relationship to what-I-actually-wrote and then going loudly ape-shit over what has essentially become the product of one's own imagination is obviously not a bug of the Greenwald Horde, but a fully-supported feature.


blackdaug said...

Like Cesca says, he'd like to quit making all the stops, but they just keep ringing that fucking bell.
That was some nasty balloon juice there indeed.
...and once again, I don't think they are going to like this much if Propublica reports the story accurately.
That "stop talking about the squirrel and talk about the squirrel" shit may work for comment trolls, but it won't cut it when a gang of editors with their career credibility on the line spends a few months pouring over this clusterfuck.
"On this day, x was reported. 24 hours later, it was disproved here."
..over and over and over again.
Too bad, tweets and interviews are ..ya know, public record.

Jack said...

Damn. These are dark days for the left. I've been a John Cole fan for a long, long time. I used to love Cenk Uygur, too. But I had to stop listening to anything Cenk says about the NSA (or Obama in general), because he's gone completely batshit and lies constantly.

John Cole says this:

"[Cesca] can wrap his head around every detail of Greenwald perfidy, real and mostly imagined, but that's all he has room for! He can’t possibly also field a discussion about the actual NSA abuses- he’s just too fucking busy "

But Cole really misses the point. You (Driftglass) and Bob are doing a real service: You're clarifying the story. Greenwald and his legions of mindless followers have made a complete mess out of this story because of their constant compulsive lying. The number of false statements they have made are too numerous to keep track of. (Though Bob Cesca has done a great job of documenting them all along.)

The truth is that there are some important elements to this story, way down below the many layers of bullshit. The problem is getting at that truth -- finding out what is really going on. The job has been made very difficult because of the endless hyperbole and dishonesty from the Greenwald camp.

But, wow. This has just been an amazingly divisive story. We first started seeing these fractures over the drones stories (Stand with Rand!!1!) in the early part of the year, but that was nothing next to what this NSA stuff has become.

All of that said, I'm greatly looking forward to hearing you and Blue Gal on Bob and Chez's show, and then Bob on yours. Should make for some extremely interesting podcasts!

Pinkamena Panic said...

Cole's in a snit because he's off the sauce and not everyone on his site - not even his contributors - is following him down the ratfucker's rabbit hole. I gave up on his ass. Took the site out of my RSS, put a dead entry for it in my hosts file and everything.

He either needs to calm the fuck down or hurry up and have that inevitable stress-and-years-of-terrible-living-induced heart attack. He needs an epiphany, and this ain't it.

OBS said...

Cole's commenters on that thread are raking him over the, uh, coals.

Kathleen said...

I think Cole has a good heart. I loved that blog, but I no longer go there because of his and a couple of other posters' articles about this topic. One of the last posts I read over there was his confession that he was an alcoholic. I'm sure his dealing with all of that is affecting his emotions and his writing. So while he is a snow-bro, he's the only one I would cut any slack for because I respect his emotional courage. I still won't read the blog, though.

Dillon said...


If Balloon Juice had an RSS feed with everyone's posts except Cole's, I would subscribe.

Oh well, first world problems...