Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Men At Work

He met a strange lady.
Queensland MP stands down as ethics committee head over sexting allegations LNP's Peter Dowling apologises to family after newspaper prints allegations he sent his lover explicit photos

theguardian.com, Monday 5 August 2013 23.56 EDT

Peter Dowling

Queensland MP Peter Dowling said he did not want his family dragged into the media spotlight. Photograph: peterdowling.com.au The head of the Queensland parliament's ethics committee has stood down, saying he cannot defend phone messages he sent a woman that included a photograph of his penis in a glass of red wine.

Liberal National party MP Peter Dowling apologised to his family, staff and friends after News Corp Australia's Brisbane newspaper, the Courier-Mail, printed allegations he had been involved in a two-year affair during which he sent his lover explicit photos.

The woman has sent a letter to Speaker Fiona Simpson detailing the allegations.

Among the photographs he texted to her were full-frontal shots of his genitals, a photo of his penis dipped in a glass of red wine and a photo of him reportedly grinning while about to drink the same glass of wine.
No word yet on the wine's type, vintage or nation of origin.


DocAmazing said...

Peener Grigio?

D said...

Sorry. How silly of me. 'Twas a red.

Peener noir.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly a Robert Mapplethorpe.

bowtiejack said...

I'm sorry but this goes (along with Anthony Weiner) into a category I have labelled "Sh-t I Can't Believe People Do".

Somehow, Caligula's frisky romps no longer seem so distant from the modern world.