Thursday, August 15, 2013


It appears Mr. Pierce will be adding Andrew Sullivan to his regular rotation:
Andrew Sullivan and the Clintons

By Charles P. Pierce at 1:45pm

Oh, Andrew, Andrew. Just when I have hopes for you, and my belief in redemption becomes whole once again, here come the Clintons to drive you crazy again.
Now I am second to none in maligning the Clintons.
(I know. You once blamed Bill Clinton's "feckless" behavior for terrorism. Good for you. Are you still second to none in promoting frauds like Betsy McCaughey and racist morons like The Bell Curve guys, because those were highlights of your personal 1990's, too. To say nothing of having, as editor, presided over The New Republic's contribution to the Whitewater freak-show, L.J. Davis's hilariously bad "The Name Of Rose," an exploration of deepest, darkest Little Rock during which Andrew's intrepid correspondent claimed he'd been waylaid in his hotel room, most likely by a Clinton goon squad. Later, it turned out Davis had been mugged by martinis at the hotel bar.)\
But what Obama grasps and MoDo doesn't is that politics need not always be zero-sum. It is not, for example, a threat to Obama that Hillary is already up to her neck in campaign machinations and shenanigans.
(Policy speeches are policy speeches, except when a Clinton gives one, then it is a shenanigan. Fundraising is fundraising, except when Clintons raise funds, then it is machinatin'.)
Finally! :-)


Luigi said...

I stopped reading Andrew years ago when he was extolling the virtues of that wonderful war on Iraq. He clearly didn't know what he was talking about then and still has no grasp of what America is all about. His prestige in the commentary crowd is hard to fathom. I leave it to you and Pierce to 'splain to me his latest digressions.

Anonymous said...


Please allow me to explain. Andrew Sullivan is a gay Catholic immigrant from Britain. The British accent makes him sound educated. The rest, when he is on TV not for the purposes of being crucified for Jesus, lets the conservatives pretend they are not bigots hatin' them Cathy-licks, feriners, and f@gits. He gives the circus an air of sophistication and modernity.

As DG & BG said on a podcast in the long distant past, perhaps even on the "DG BG Podcast", "No one goes to the circus to see the non-bearded lady, or the boy-faced boy."


blackdaug said...

That Bell Curve bullshit should be tattooed across Andy's expansive forehead GWDT style, and the footer on every post about him from now until the end of time.