Sunday, July 28, 2013

The War Has Used Up Words

"They have weakened, they have deteriorated like motor-car tyres; they have like millions of other things, been more overstrained and knocked about and voided of the happy semblance during the last six months than in all the long ages before, and we are now confronted with a depreciation of all our terms, or otherwise speaking, with a loss of expression through increase of limpness, that may well make us wonder what ghosts will be left to walk."

-- Henry James, March 21, 1915


blackdaug said...

As the youngsters say these days:

I feel ya bro.....

Anonymous said...


- Myrtle June

That tux guy said...

"I can say no more for a while. There is apparently no bottoming-out of this trend[...]. Every week brings new and more loathsome product; and at last even I am unhorsed."
-- Harlan Ellison's Watching Installment 21, "In Which You And A Large Group Of Total Strangers Are Flipped The Finger By The Mad Masters Of Anthropomorphism"