Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.

In the middle of an article that raised some interesting if long-since-boringly-familiar-to-Liberals points like this:
In America, violence, mercifully, is held at bay in these struggles, but the political system has effectively ground to a halt under their weight. Despite getting fewer votes than the Democrats for president, House and Senate, the Republicans are using their gerrymandered majority in the House to block even executive branch appointees from approval. They are determined to destroy universal healthcare. They are launching a national campaign to shut down abortion clinics. They deny climate science. They voted against tax cuts – purely because a Democratic president proposed them.
Mr. Sullivan cannot stop himself from veering his clown car all the way off the highway, across the shoulder, over the frontage road and halfway (exactly halfway) through Ol' Farmer Brooks' Centrist hay field just so he could find a hippie straw man at which to throw this wild hay-maker:
My fear is that these two forces are intensifying the strength of the other. Egyptians now have their own set of facts about yesterday’s massacre – but we in America have FNC and MSNBC. And the more the fundamentalist forces recoil from a multi-racial, multi-cultural, sexually free society, the more secularists are tempted to move from condescension to outright hostility. Before long, we have atheism in its most unadulterated form banishing people of faith from any role in public discourse – and vice-versa...
Shit like this is why Mr. Sullivan will never, ever have a comment section.

Also that Centrist dollar continues to be an excellent dollar.


Anonymous said...

You know what? Part of me wants to see Andrew Sullivan *right* about this one thing.

Egypt is a fairly modern country, and has historically had a good education system.

Let's see it go Atheist.

I'm a person of faith myself, but I still say, let Andrew Sullivan be right, and let the largest Arab country in the world go Atheist.

I would be absolutely fascinated to see the result of Egypt going Atheist on the surrounding Muslim nations. I would love to see Egypt collectively say, "If you want to run your own orphanages and hospitals, fine, but if you don't follow the law, the hammer of that law will come down upon you. If you run for office, know this: when you put pen to any paper with the government seal, you do so at the behest of a modern nation run by science and debate. Fuck your bronze age tribalism. Fuck your bronze age misogyny. Fuck your bronze age homophobia. Fuck your bronze age fear of little girls in schools, sitting with little boys, using books and calculators. Fuck your bronze age fear of medicine and science that might force you to ask a question. Fuck your bronze age beliefs in owner and property classes. Fuck your bronze age belief in honor killings. *ESPECIALLY* fuck your bronze age belief in honor killings. Muslim or Christian, Jew or Hindu, Baha'i or New Age Pagan, if you cannot step into your positions of state with a pledge to build a nation and educate a people that will contribute to a world and a future of those who are *our* future, stay the fuck home. Huddle fearful in the dark corners of your places of worship praying to your gods to protect you from the modernity you so fear. And, understand this: those of yours who want to leave your world of fear and dust, we will protect them *from* you."

So, yeah, let Andrew Sullivan be right about this one.


Anonymous said...

"Before long, we have atheism in its most unadulterated form banishing people of faith from any role in public discourse – and vice-versa..."

Well, I guess Maher was right, atheists are the new gays!
Guess Andy has now found somebody he can safely hate more than himself.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

"Before long, we have atheism in its most unadulterated form banishing people of faith from any role in public discourse – and vice-versa..."

What the fuck does the 'vice-versa' mean? banishing public discourse from people of faith? How does that work? Or is it banishing people of faith from atheists? What?

Dammit, much as I dislike Sullivan and his smarmy suckup trusty bullshit, at least he used to be able to write a logical sentence or two. This is like reading Ann Althouse.

jazzidiot said...

The quality of the messenger notwithstanding, hearing a bald faced lie about FISA secret court "oversight" from POTUS is very disheartening to say the least. The lengths to which we have gone, to the detriment of our credibility in the international community, to capture Snowden seem irrational, but the focus of the People and the media should be on the serious Constitutional issues coming to the fore.

Anonymous said...

No. This (based on my reading of the excerpts here and no more of this Sullivan guy) is just plain old bad opinion writing. There's no "centrism" here, unless you want to credit an off the cuff and bad metaphor about equal and opposite forces. "Egyptians now have their own set of facts..."? Huh?! What in the fuck--pardon me--WTF does that mean? What is a set of facts? How does an entire population "have" it?

No. No. NO! This Sullivan guy writes shit as irrelevant and unimpressive and--I said it earlier--off the cuff as my own commentary here. Ignore him/me.