Friday, June 07, 2013

Professional Left Podcast #183

"“But I reserve the right to write the kinds of books I feel like writing."

-- Nick Hornby 


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jim said...

Working in security, I heartily second America's need to address (& correct) the ongoing epic failure that is DHS - by adding an entire new Federal Department to an apparatus that was already lumbering forward far beyond optimum scale, the US intelligence community is now being systematically deafened by its own redundant & overabundant input.

Oh Sweet Mother Of Fuck, that TIA logo ... someone MUST have been cutting their Ambien with mescaline.

Lumpy Lang said...

These two haven't quite been able 'hear' the issues raised by Bradely Manning's torture and prosecution over the last 3 years ... (get this!) because of the 'noise' about his heroism being made by.... all the Dirty Hippies!

Of course - they're still for Manning's prosecution... even with 'apologies'... I suppose the 'head on a pike' part makes U.S. imperialism look bad.

Obama 'signed up' for something too - i.e. to defend the constitution. But the grotesque treatment of Manning and Wikileaks is actually among the lesser of the crimes he and his predecessors should answer for...

Free Bradley Manning!