Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Whitewater II

This, as "The Power of Nightmares" reminds us, is nothing but a continuation of the same, rank political terrorism that has become the GOP's shrugged-off, baseline behavioral norm.

Political terrorism which continues to succeed because neither Republican voters nor the mainstream media will exact any price whatsoever for the ringleaders' swinish behavior.

In fact, quite the opposite is true: the lower the Right sinks the more the Pig People reward them and the higher the chance you will see the ringleaders showing up on a Sunday Morning Show near you.

Your know, maybe if we asked GOP Party Boss Roger Ailes reeeeeal nice, after the 17th or 18th hearing on 
Clinton Christmas Card lists
"Was Vince Foster murdered to cover up Clinton's drug dealing"
"Was Vince Foster murdered to cover up Hillary's lesbian affairs?"
Benghazi, we can get around to holding one hearing on why the President Cheney lied about terrorist links in Iraq, lied us into the wrong war and got 4,300 Americans killed?

And maybe if we baked Rush Limbaugh a cake with a stripper in it, after raving on and on and on and on about 
Birth Certificates
Death Panels
Secret Gun Grabbing conspiracies
Planned Parenthood
The New Black Panther Party
Benghazi, maybe he would give the GOP permission to chat for two minutes about who briefed Condi Rice about aluminum tubes and mushroom clouds?


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JerryB said...

What is the GOP to do when diminishing returns on attempts to manufacture outrage, their only political ploy, just doesn't seem to work anymore? How are they to win elections when they no longer are able to destroy the electoral viability of potential opponents through the use of innuendo and outright lies fed to and disseminated by a complicit media too fearful take them on?

Buckley wept.

JerryB said...

By the way, David Brock is a personal hero of mine. "Blinded by the Right" was an important book in my opinion.