Friday, May 10, 2013

Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd


"...the GOP Obama faces is arguably the most partisan, factional and deranged that it has been since I started observing it in the mid-1980s."

--  Andrew Sullivan, May 10, 2013


That's what you're going with?

OK, well, what I "observe" is Mr. Sullivan continuing to pretend that the "partisan, factional and deranged" GOP he now writes about is not merely the metastasizing outgrowth of the same, racist, dominionist lump of cultural cancer that has been the braying heart of the Right since before Andrew Sullivan was in short pants. 

What I "observe" is Mr. Sullivan's ever-quickening Moonwalk away from long-held positions of the Right


in an increasingly frantic effort to catch up with the long-held positions of the same "loony Left" that he has spent a lifetime bashing...before his shelf-life as a America's Second Greatest Conservative Public Intellectual expires.

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