Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clueless Gay Tory Vows To Continue Being Obnoxiously Oblivious Because Something Something Burke Something Something Freedom


Over in University of the Internet's Alienist Phrenology Department, there are only two things more hilarious than America's Most Insufferable Privileged White Conservative Gay Catholic Tory Public Intellectual continuing to defiantly beat that Race Science thunder-drum no matter what.

One is watching the apparently eternally-patient Mr. Ta-Nahesi Coates take the role of Mr. Sullivan's extremely polite downstairs neighbor who asks his former colleague if he couldn't maybe tune his equipment up a little and maybe turn the volume down just a notch or two, to which Mr. Sullivan deafly replies over the din of this own racket, "LOUDER?  SURE, I CAN PLAY IT LOUDER!"

The other is watching Mr. Sullivan explains to us po' liberal simpletons that he is doing this all for our own good:
I do not doubt that many of those pursuing this question are doing so for ugly reasons. Probably a hefty majority. That should make one especially leery of their arguments and make one very aware of the need to use empiricism almost pathologically. But, of course, one reason why this area is so clogged with racists is that non-racists don’t want to go there. My worry is that not going there will only rebound against the case that such data should not in any way be used for public policy. If affirmative action is finally abolished, we may be able to get race as an identifier out of policy discussions altogether. But what happens if affirmative action goes and we have universities that are overwhelmingly Asian-American and Jewish? What will liberals do then?

Wish you'd stop bein' so good to us, Cap'n


Grant Lewis said...

Ahh, the old "If we ignore race altogether it will no longer exist" argument. Made by naive privileged people the world over. If I just forget that I'm black I'll no longer be black. Thanks Andy.

Unknown said...

What in the fucking fuckity-fuck is Sullivan on about??? Jeezzuhzuhzuhzusss Christ.