Wednesday, May 08, 2013

David Brooks: Then and Now


"The GOP is not intolerant..."
-- David Brooks, August 4, 2000

"We seem to be entering a period of competent conservatism and reactionary liberalism."

-- David Brooks, January 15, 2001

"President Bush has broken the libertarian grip on the GOP."
-- David Brooks, February 11, 2002
"If this were still the same old Republican Party of Reagan, then things would be fine. But the corporate wing is much weaker and the populist wing is much stronger. The struggle within the party for control is now playing out as a struggle over immigration policy."

-- David Brooks, May 8, 2013*
* Thanks, Jack.

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JerryB said...

David was a big reason why I stopped watching The News Hour many years ago. It was a staple of my news diet through the 80's and into the early 90's.

Brooksie, like most of his conservative brethren seem to have no capacity for self awareness. The denial of the realities of the world are at the same time amusing and alarming. I wouldn't mind their batshit crazy nonsense if we actually had a MSM that would point and laugh rather than concern troll us on their behalf.