Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Do You Still Stand With Rand? Ctd.

Bob Cesca would like to know where Rand Standers stand now that the Pureblood Patron Saint of Independent Civil Libertarians has opened his Freedom Hole  once again.

Rand Paul: “I Don’t Care if a Drone Kills Him”

We’ve come full circle today as Rand Paul makes everyone who ever stood with him look like a complete horse’s ass and a sucker.
In an interview with the Fox Business Network, Paul stated in very specific terms that he isn’t against the use of drones in situations where they wouldn’t be even remotely necessary.
“Here’s the distinction — I have never argued against any technology being used against having an imminent threat an act of crime going on,” Paul said.“If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and $50 in cash, I don’t care if a Drone kills him or a policeman kills him, but it’s different if they want to come fly over your hot tub, or your yard just because they want to do surveillance on everyone, and they want to watch your activities.”
Oh. Okay. It’s okay to use a drone to kill someone for robbing a liquor store, but not to spy on you while you’re in the hot tub.
Rand Paul: anti-drone civil liberties hero!
So are you still Standing With Rand?

And before you answer, remember the rules of engagement: the the only admissible answer is either an unreserved, dog-loyal "Yes, I agree completely with everything Rand Paul says and does." or an eternal, condemnatory "No, Rand Paul is an asshole who has never been on the right side of any issue in his life.". 

No middle-ground will be accepted.  No conditional statements will be admitted.  Because as we all know, "Yes, if..."'s and "No, but..."'s are for pussies and nuance-drunk O-bots only.

Also remember that these are not my rules: these are the rule by which the Purity Caucus insists that everyone else must abide.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Oddly, a drone would not be able to be used in the example he gives UNLESS it was also doing random, unwarranted surveillance.

Yastreblyansky said...

There's your key to libertarianism--liberty's not just for anybody. Having a hot tub demonstrates that you're a person of some consideration in the community, knocking off a liquor store proves that you're not.

Anonymous said...

My commend parallel's Yastreblyansky. Driftglass, you have answered your own question.

Thus spaketh the Driftglass: "Profit is their ideology, and money is their morality."

If you are hitting a liquor store to survive, you obviously have no money, therefore you obviously have no morality. "Destroy all poor people" is the Libertarian equivalent of other conservatives' "Destroy all brown people".

If you can afford a hot tub, your money is your moral shield from "big gubbmint regulations" and oversight.

If you can buy the police, your morality is above reproach in your community.

If you can buy your own senator, you are as a god among mortals.

I would now throw back at you, how is this any different from the ideology of Ayn Rand? For that matter, given that the libertarian plutarchs and neocons come together through the military-industrial machine, how would this not be compatible with the ideology of Rumsfeld or Cheney?


Zipperupus said...

Senator Paul doesn't care what weapon is used so long as it kills that fucking mooches dead.

Now watch this drive

Winski said...

Him first !!!!

RaflW said...

Now we know the Libertarian price on a life: fifty bucks and some liquor.

Ever the classy slice of political thought, that.

Lawrence said...

Libertarians: Douchebags or the biggest douchebags?

Anonymous said...

So, if I have a carry permit and leave a liquor store with $50 in change from buying a bottle, it's okay to shoot me without asking questions. Nice to know Rand.