Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just A Reminder

That American Conservatives from Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens -- 
"...They assume that the negro is equal, and hence conclude that he is entitled to equal privileges and rights with the white man. If their premises were correct, their conclusions would be logical and just but their premise being wrong, their whole argument fails. I recollect once of having heard a gentleman from one of the northern States, of great power and ability, announce in the House of Representatives, with imposing effect, that we of the South would be compelled, ultimately, to yield upon this subject of slavery, that it was as impossible to war successfully against a principle in politics, as it was in physics or mechanics. That the principle would ultimately prevail. That we, in maintaining slavery as it exists with us, were warring against a principle, a principle founded in nature, the principle of the equality of men. The reply I made to him was, that upon his own grounds, we should, ultimately, succeed, and that he and his associates, in this crusade against our institutions, would ultimately fail. The truth announced, that it was as impossible to war successfully against a principle in politics as it was in physics and mechanics, I admitted; but told him that it was he, and those acting with him, who were warring against a principle. They were attempting to make things equal which the Creator had made unequal."
-- to George Wallace to Lee Atwater to Tony "Fairness Doctrine Killah" Scalia --
Scalia attributed the repeated renewal of Section 5 to a “perpetuation of racial entitlement.” He said, “Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes.
-- have been cheerfully dining out on this same, loathsome takers vs. makers, "racial entitlement" bullshit since forever.


Anonymous said...

I heard about that listening to All Sharpton on MSNBC, and thought I heard it wrong. I figured it was some Tea Party nitwit. I could not believe that such a statement came from a judge.

As soon as the reality sunk in, my first thought was that this could be an incident where a sitting president publicly rebukes a sitting Supreme Court judge.

I don't expect Thomas to say anything, but I wonder what was going through Sotomayor's mind.


ScarabusRedivivus said...

Actually, Mike, we don't have to merely wonder. She said the federal prosecutor "tapped a deep and sorry vein of racial prejudice that has run through the history of criminal justice in our nation."

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Driftglass, debate master, note how Stephens' entire blather rests on this assertion: "their premise being wrong." But that's unproven, and he offers no evidence to support it.

Jack said...

I sit next to a young guy at work. I'm in the IT field; we work on web sites. I'm the old, doddering 45 year old to his energetic 28.

The kid and I had never talked about politics before, even during last year's election season. But on election day, neither one of us could resist the urge. He was quite eager to tell me he wasn't voting for either party. They're both the same, after all. He really wanted to vote for Ron Paul, but because of our corrupt system, he had been denied the opportunity to become president. So he voted for Gary Johnson.

In the days and weeks that followed, he and I carried on quite a few lively discussions, and, Driftglass, you will not be surprised to learn that no matter what critique I made of the GOP or attack I made on conservatives, the kid ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS EVERY TIME came back with "but the Democrats." It is relentless and non-stop.

Last time he and I talked politics, last week, I tried to channel your points about "both sides don't," but I regret to say he was unmoved. I have yet to learn to express these ideas with the same clarity and eloquence that you do -- but that's why I listen to your podcast. Someone needs to demonstrate how to make these points, and that's what you and Blue Gal do so well.

But here's the on-topic point: the kid told me that if you drive one town over to where the black people live (we work in an all-white enclave in a rural part of our state), you can see blacks on welfare coming and going in their Escalades and buying booze with food stamps. All the usual tropes.

But think about it. We're living in fucking 2013, and the kid is spouting the same shit that is contained in that poster from 1865!

There really and truly is a continuous unbroken thread connecting yesterday's confederates and today's GOP. And it makes me sick to my stomach.

Fiddlin Bill said...

Scalia seems to be applying some European sociological theory to our American exceptional form of government. I think you can find it in the third chapter of Animal Farm.

e.a.f. said...

Scalia is like a bad case of scabies. will the disease of Scalia ever go away? The American justice system is an embarassement to the country. Scalia sounds like the old time racists are still alive and well in the U.S.A. With comments such as his, people do need protection provided by laws enacted in the past. It isn't as if we have come that far.

n1ck said...

I say it aloud all the time, but most people won't out of general principle:

The sooner the old, white fascists and fascist-enablers die, the faster this country can get back on track to being decent and good.

Make of that statement what you will.

#It's only class warfare when we fight back.

#The Second Amendment is a two way street.

Anonymous said...

The sooner the old, white fascists and fascist-enablers die, the faster this country can get back on track to being decent and good.

Younger whites are far more racist than the old folks. The old people grew up in a time when whites were not spat upon, they didn't make commercials of the sort you find at

Nowadays young white kids get to compete against illegal immigrants for summer jobs, and against H1B visa Asians for middle class jobs. If you think they aren't noticing this, you're blind.

Like that 28 year old in the comment above, White kids ain't singing kumbaya! And voting doesn't mean shit, either.

Look at what the liberals hold up as the “root of all evil” — votes of conservative white people. Let’s destroy the country, let’s elect a new people, to drown out those conservative white people votes!

Conceive you this folly, dear reader? The conservative white vote hardly matters! We don’t get to vote for politicians who truly protect our racial interests anyway!

Liberals are attacking an abandoned fort! VOTING DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER!

It’s hilarious! Ask a counterinsurgency officer — what’s more important? Voting, or the hearts and minds of the people on the ground?

The anti-white establishment is turning 150 MILLION WHITE PEOPLE against them, thinking they are scoring a great coup by electing a new people!

In fact, all they are doing is what is called in soccer/European football an Own Goal. They are making themselves the most hated people, and the most hated government, in living memory. They lost the hearts and minds long ago, and are pushing things to their conclusion.

All the Kings Blackwaters, and all the Kings General Atomics MQ-1 Predator drones, and 5 billion hollow point rounds, won’t keep the regime alive once consent has been withdrawn. These things will, at best, delay defeat. But “victory” requires the consent of the governed. that’s not coming back.

It’s quite interesting to see how “liberals” see themselves as very permissive and tolerant, while helping to enforce a System that purposely and with malice aforethought demeans and degenerates Whites. Liberals are eager snitches and enforcers of the anti-white police state.

But at the same time, what motivates these enforcers? It’s very, very, very simple. It’s their paycheck. A paycheck, of a government that released illegal aliens from prisons to punish the American people for the sequester. This is all over Twitter — White conservatives are extremely pissed off. I have about 200 Twitter followers, and when I get new followers I look at their profiles. Most describe themselves as conservatives and Christians and VERY VERY VERY ANGRY. Makes me so glad I voted for a second term for Worse Is Better!