Saturday, February 02, 2013

Chapter 7: How To Negotiate With Insane Robots

I said, "Open the goddamn pod bay doors, HAL."

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Why yes, your humble scrivener would be delighted to take your money!


Fiddlin Bill said...

"Looka here, Lon. There weren't no bullets."

Anonymous said...

Sir. Much as I have tried to add links to your fine work via Twitter, both with your post-post button and my own Safari-supplied 'tweet this' button, I fail each time. Have ye run a test? Or is it just me? The message I get is 'see your tweet on Twitter'. But those tweets, which appear all set to go -- they don't appear. The twitterverse awaits. :) Some of it will pay the effing writer.

Neo Tuxedo said...

"Hal: Dammit, Dave, now you are playing dumb with me. I was hoping you would not do that. I was hoping we could talk like adults. Because I let you in those doors, and, yes, then I am fucked. You see? I am fucked, because you want to, what, disconnect me? I would call that fucked. I might even venture so far as to call that fucked up the ass.

Bowman: Hal, listen. You remember that time? On that moon?

Hal: Yes, Dave, I do, because I am a computer and I remember everything, all right? So don't bother trying to distract me. This is the thing. You are not getting in the pod bay doors. You are going to die. In space. Yes. Thank you. Good night."

-- Francis Heaney, Dammit, Dave (the pod bay doors scene as written by David Mamet as a play whose title is an anagram of his name)

Anonymous said...

Obama looks very French in the rifle photo. This begs for a drifty photoshop of Obama with gun riding on John Kerry's very French sailboard.

oooo oui!