Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And Now, Another Episode of "Guess Who Said It?"

Guess who said:
...I used to tell young journalists to start out writing crime stories somewhere. Now I tell them to produce Web pages that link and comment on the best pieces in the national press. The big editors will look to your site if you write obsessively about them. Eventually they’ll hire you.
Your hilarious answer will be forthcoming after Lent.

Or you can use The Google.

By the way and apropos of nothing, this is around my 4,366th post.

Since I began this blog.

In March.

Of 2005.



Ed Crotty said...

I guessed Bobo - and teh google says I am correct! And you have been linking and commenting on Bobo for 8 years!!! I guess he will hire you soon!!!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Writers write, drifty. You're a writer, and I thank you for putting some good words out here where I can read them.

moorespeed said...

With every fiber of my being I want this to be from Arianna...but I know that it isn't.

Yastreblyansky said...

I think he's reminiscing about how he got old Mr. Buckley's attention. He's no editor himself, huh? And I don't think he's hired a stable of ghosts who could provide that consistent blend of glib, mediocre, and bizarrely wrong.

Steve said...

I think the mystery man of the day left out one word - Approvingly.

blogenfreude said...

Did not cheat - went w/ Andrew Sullivan. You'll agree, it fits pretty well.