Thursday, November 01, 2012

Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says

"One core reason why these [Republican] radicals are not conservatives is that they have systematically attacked previously unimpeachable research arms of the federal government. They loathe institutions that they cannot control ideologically. And destroy them." 
 -- Andrew Sullivan 11/1/12 

Mr. Sullivan continues his fetish for taking whatever interests or appeals to him at the moment -- pot, gay marriage, pineapple ice cream, unimpeachable research -- and declaring them to be "conservative" values. Hugging them to himself like his own, private binky.   Mine!Mine!Mine! 

Because, yeah, you'd never catch a fucking Fifth Columnist Liberal trusting the unimpeachable research arms of the federal government. 

Or liking pineapple ice cream.


Sean Riley said...

I hate pineapple ice cream. But pineapple is especially repugnant when served as a pizza topping. IS IT TUESDAY, YET??

P J said...

He chooses to ignore the power of negativity in the radical wingnut movement. It has hit a tipping point where everything is seen by them as evil. Until he gets that, he's merely farting in the wind.

bluicebank said...

Well the problem with Conservative values is they aren't values. They're tactics. And the problem with Sullivan's statement is that it's doubly incorrect, triply if we include the definition of "conservative."

Attacking a "previously unimpeachable (fill in blank)" is how Conservatives roll. Ike was a commie, etc. Also, political labels are democratic: If most Conservatives are knuckledraggers, then majority rules, and you can't declare Neanderthals non-conservatives just because yesterday they had straight foreheads.

Matthew Stephens said...

"[T]he problem with Conservative values is they aren't values. They're tactics."

Please, please, please make a bumper sticker for this. I nominate this for Quote of the Week.