Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Apparently I Am the Unwitting Tool

Well OK then.

First, all kinds of factors go into local labor rates as well as the vitality of the local economy as a whole.  And second, imputing to an entire economic sector the experience of one anecdote or one company (however true that one example many be) is a mug's game, whether that company is run by an angel who will pick up the tab for sending her people to college (I know several such) or a vulture who will churn and burn his people without mercy to make an extra nickle (I have run across plenty of them too.)

Instead, here is a link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Your tax dollars at work!  

I haven't seen the BLS at any of our recent Chicago Tribune/Asshole Boss syndicate luncheons, so have a look for yourself and decide for yourself.  


StonyPillow said...

Long ago (the morning after I got banned from Eschaton back in Twenty-ought-three, I think) I vowed never again to comment online while under the influence of more than one beer. I broke that vow last night, and again regret the consequences. I apologize for stepping on your toes -- no offense meant. But apart from the inelegant expression, the basic points remain.

It's possible SimplyHired.com is averaging salaries rather than wages. There aren't many salaried positions in manufacturing. Having spent a lifetime in the manufacturing field in the Chicago area, I can tell you average wages are much less than "50 thou a year'll buy a lot of beer" for those who do the work in factories. SimplyHired.com actually agrees -- here are some average Chicago real world wages for real world manufacturing job categories:

Production Welder: $24,000

Machine Operator: : $22,000

Production Assembler: $18,000

It doesn't impress me at all that Elkay is mewling and puling that they can't get certified, experienced welders who are computer literate, physically able and are willing to pee clean for $12 or $14 an hour (which is actually a good starting wage for production welding). Anyone who's got the gumption, smarts and the treasured ability to do boring, repetitive work well eight hours a day without being under the influence isn't going to wear those welder's shades for take home pay that will qualify him for SNAP (food stamps) if he's got a wife and a kid to support.

And it doesn't impress me at all that the Chicago Tribune is informing us that there are plenty of high-paying jobs out there for anyone who really wants to work.

Anyway, a happy and hopeful Thanksgiving to you, the missus and the family, Drifty.

Anonymous said...

Awww... no nerd-fight? Making nice already? I was going to start placing bets on who would throw down the first "Yo mama's standard deviation's so fat" snap.