Friday, October 19, 2012

I Dig the Artwork

Especially the detail on the tats. 

But is also does seem

vaguely familiar :-)
These GOP regime-dead-enders are weak and stupid and rotten to the bone. One or two hard, righteous punches and they would go down like a sack of wet switchgrass.  
One or two of the kind of punches that the MSM used to casually rain on Bill Clinton day after day after day... 
And yet the MSM continues to prop up the rotting carcass of the GOP like the corpse in ”Weekend at Bernie's”, and waltz it lovingly across the national stage year after year after year, protecting it as ferociously as they would their own children even as it goes raving mad, putrefies and crumbles to reek and maggots in their arms. 
Is it that meme-nto disease? That inability to form any new political memories after 1997? Or is it something darker? 
Whatever the reason, the story behind it would certainly be gripping, epic, infuriating and a great and lasting service to the cause of Democracy. 
Too bad we no longer have a press capable of telling it.


Anonymous said...

Selective memory makes tattoos and notes on hand unnecessary. Why would they remember anything inconvenient?

Ben Franklin

Sean Riley said...

"It's the people who block out or avoid painful memories, people who are detached and more avoidant who most worry Edelstein. "Most avoidant people who are in relationships are less happy," Edelstein said. "While avoiding things can be a helpful short-term strategy, not paying attention to certain things for extended periods of time might be bad for your mental health with consequences for your physical health. All the effort to avoid anxiety actually creates more anxiety later." -

Mittens must be one anxious 'lil critter...

marindenver said...

I have to say, having recently had political discussions with my 22 year old daughter and several of her friends, these guys are politically aware, watching the debates, taking sides (and not for Willard) and generally paying attention in a way that I really did not at that age. They are worried about this stuff and concerned about their futures. They are not going to let the Rethugs get a restart every election season. Maybe too bad, so sad, too late for our generations (tho I HOPE not) but I don't think the Gen Z's or whatever they are labeled, will be so easily fooled.