Saturday, April 07, 2012

7-Year Blogiversary Fundraiser: Day Seven -- UPDATE

My Lenten discipline does not permit me to mention any of the details of the steaming mound of fresh, wingnut droppings I found waiting for me in my New York Times this morning. 

I can only say that it rivals any of the whoppers the author penned about those pointy-headed, nuance-jewel-dancing, America-hating Liberals back when he when he worked for bloody Bill Kristol at the "Weekly Standard" helping the Bush Administration lie us into Iraq.

Meanwhile, among the smart set, Hamlet-like indecision has become the intellectual fashion. The liberal columnist E. J. Dionne wrote in the Washington Post that he is uncomfortable with the pro and antiwar camps. He praised the doubters and raised his colors on behalf of "heroic ambivalence." The New York Times, venturing deep into the territory of self-parody, ran a full-page editorial calling for "still more discussion" on whether or not to go to war. ...

In certain circles, it is not only important what opinion you hold, but how you hold it. It is important to be seen dancing with complexity, sliding among shades of gray. Any poor rube can come to a simple conclusion--that President Saddam Hussein is a menace who must be disarmed--but the refined ratiocinators want to be seen luxuriating amid the difficulties, donning the jewels of nuance, even to the point of self-paralysis. And they want to see their leaders paying homage to this style. Accordingly, many Bush critics seem less disturbed by his position than by his inability to adhere to the rules of genteel intellectual manners.

Based on past precedent, I would wager that we can look forward to Willard Romney's Dalek Army weaving a few "Even the New York Time's agrees..." lines into their ongoing attempts to pack more lies per square inch into a campaign than any candidate in modern American history, as well as seeing our collective email in-boxes fill up with "See!  See!  Even the Librul New York Times sez..." missives from Conservative friends, family members and colleagues.

I very vividly recall how the author leveraged his neocon midden pile of "Weekly Standard" propaganda into an unsupervised job-for-life at the very pinnacle of America's Newspaper of Record and a bunch of other career-boosting goodies.

I wonder what his latest brace of Conservative mendacities will buy him?

Charlie Pierce has more here, using the kind of words I dast not for now:
Moral Hazard licked his balls pensively and sighed. He knew where this was coming from. Master had written another column lamenting the fact that Barack Obama was not the Barack Obama of Master's dreams, the one who believed in the essential "centrism" by which money flows upwards and stern lessons are given to the people whose money is flowing upwards that they shouldn't do all that unauthorized fucking on their couches while eating uncentrist snack foods and watching Cops. Master once again had bemoaned the fact that Barack Obama, a Democratic president, whom Master had supported at great risk to his social schedule, was talking as though the Democrats were merely feckless while the Republicans were clearly insane. This did not give Master the warm glow that he thought he would be experiencing over the course of the past four years. Master loves the warm glow of centrism and bipartisanship and anything else that does not disturb the natural order of things by which Master gets to turn a buck. 
Also the American Prospect (less sweary that where my tastes usually run).

Also Greg Sargent at WaPo (less sweary still.)

Also Dean Baker (much less sweary.)

UPDATE:  Also AlterNet (minimal sweariness).

I guess I was onto something when I started carefully tracking and writing about he-who-shall-not-be-named-until-after-Lent seven years ago.

And I'm sure one day very soon being dead right early and often will pay off HUGE :-)

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chautauqua said...

More unspeakable dreck from He Who Shall Not Be Named Until After Lent.

I need to brush up on my sadly-neglected nuanced jewel-dancing.

Anonymous said...

Wow... did *everybody* give up DFB* for Lent, including the man himself?

* Disingenuous

(And to preface this I'll give you a Pass DG, on the rather obvious graphic at top of this post and the commentary between you & BG in last weeks' podcast, in what I think some might consider a breach of your Lenten vow...)

I only just realized that I have been proceeding through my daily blog-readings blithely, then later with some trepidation, in not seeing any commentary on a certain person's latest gruntings-out of his twice weekly 800-word column, over the past month+. I've seen certain cryptic hints at this along the way in certain blog postings & Podcast remarks from Mr. D himself... But the true depth of this gap in our blogospheric discourse only just registered on me now, as I recognized its absence thanks to the apparent sudden reappearance of commentary from others normally vocal but also recently silent -- such as the inestimable Charles Pierce, one or more dKos post'ers, and a Firedoglake post'er... all on the same column. After all this silence I must wonder, did DFB vow to give up himself for Lent perhaps???

Which then led me to ask aloud; if DG could hold out all this time, why couldn't the rest of those folks manage to do so too, for just THREE more days??? What gives-?!

Anyway -I- didn't make any Lenten vows but having seen zero commentary about DFB in all this time - while in this same period being subjected to exactly none of his predictably myopic, self serving, disingenuous dreck via more conventional media - I'm concluding this was win-win for me whatever the case.

And having said that I can't wait till the week following Easter...

Best regards to all observing this holiday -

- Mike from CA
p.s. Sorry if this is a double-post, Blogger is acting a bit funny right now.

Anonymous said...