Friday, August 06, 2010

Me On Kink On Tap

This is Kink On Tap episode 52, by maymay and Emma.

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Last Sunday, the good people at Kink On Tap were kind enough to invite me over for what I understood was going to be a wholesome 90 minute conversation about recipes, butterflies, scrapbooking and how to get rid of that "not so fresh feeling" using common-sense Conservative freedom solutions!

But things took a strange turn...

..and suddenly we were instead taint-deep and goin' like 60 through topics like public shaming in China, Wikileaks, the hotness of Lieutenant Uhura, Chicago's Emperor Richard Daley and Family, "A Canticle for Leibowitz", racism, circumcision, transparency as virtue, Regnery Press, "The Avengers", Doctor Mae Jemison, the collapse of the publishing mid-list, Good Christians vs Bad Christians, LGBT activism, Todd Stroger, Rod Serling, Ray Bradbury, Andrew Breitbart, Joss Whedon, Martin Luther King, Jr., Neil Gaiman, James Fallows, Ann Rice, St. Thomas More, Lee Marvin, blue laws, Bloody Bill Kristol, context, the Book of Job, David Vitter, Anton Chekov, the limits on executive power, the Book of Leviticus, whether or not playing with sex toys is sex, "Angels in America", theories of morality, RACK, Rod Blagojevitch, William Gibson and "Neuromancer", Mary Magdalene, Iraq as Randite beta test and Dr. Seuss.

Also Catwoman.


UPDATE: Either this is spectacularly coincidental timing, or someone at Yahoo News is a fan of this episode of Kink on Tap.


Mike Russell said...

That's a wonderful podcast, but if you're going to both condemn homophobes and praise Rod Serling, you should read this:

Denny Smith said...

Wow, nearly 3X the average DGBG podcast length.
Like huffing a cultural speedball....

Rehctaw said...

Spread them wings big fella!

The range, scope and breadth of your abilities needs more cowbell.

The lesson: DGBG podcasts are too short.

I sit in awe once again.

Mike Russell said...

I was surprised at how quickly and pleasurably two hours went by.

On the one hand, more, please. On the other hand, would I get anything done?

Fran Langum / Blue Gal said...

It was their best show ever.

skunqesh said...

BG, DG, Kink - fun, intelligent, irreverent yet highly reverential conversation. :-))

my synapses are all tingly...

textygirl said...

As maymay said before the beer glass cut him off, "You've got quite the eloquence." Yeah.